Interview Of Ram Choudhary: Full Time Indian Blogger Story From India

Kana Ram Siyol, known professionally as Ram Choudhary, is a Hindi Blogger and Government Teacher based in Rajasthan, India.

Generally When someone asks what work do you do? The answer from the front is whether I am studying, doing a job, or am unemployed.

But if someone says that I do blogging, then the listener definitely thinks about his question that after all, what have I asked. This is the story of Indian blogger Ram Choudhary, who is recognized among the people of the neighbourhood as a boy who plays the keyboard throughout the day.

Kana Ram Siyol, known professionally as Ram Choudhary, is a Hindi Blogger and Government Teacher based in Rajasthan, India.. He was born on 1st may 1997 and brought up in Barmer, Rajasthan. He Starts his Carrier As Social Media Advertiser Later On Join Blogging In 2016.

Ram Choudhary started his career first With Tips online. Sometimes later Lost the content of his blog and thus the blogging career ended before it even started.

Rakesh Saini whom I consider my blogging guru. He inspired me to start again and after wasting time for a year and a half, I started my career with HIHINDI.COM for the second time in August 2017.

Somehow the attempt was on to re-establish itself in blogging. Only then the release of teacher recruitment is issued in the state, it is a matter of November 2017.

I had undergone two years of pre-teacher training between 2014 and 2016. On one hand, there was pressure from family members to study, on the other hand, I was still interested in blogging. Somehow in February 2018, leaving the hope of selection by giving the exam, started writing regular blogs.

I continued hard work for 12 to 15 hours. But the misfortune was still not giving up, after the new Google update, the career ended again. After several months with the help of partner Rakesh, the website was restored to its former state and continued to run smoothly for the next two to three years.

The December 2020 twist came in the story of struggle and despair that started in 2016. I was selected as a primary teacher, this was the first good news in my career so far in which I had never worked hard from my heart.

Today, as a blogger, Ram Chaudhary is counted among the most successful Hindi bloggers. Thousands of readers on his blog Hihindi enrich his knowledge with articles written on various topics. There are very important blogs, especially for school students.

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