Interview With a Microbiologist by Qualification and an Award Winning Author by Passion:Silisti Karuriya

Q 1.What was your first inspiration to write? At what age you started writing?

Ans: When I was 14 years old. My dad used to bring story books for me. I was inspired from the bottom of my heart. When I am alone then I feel very lonely so my soul inspired to write something. Then I started to write a fiction stories as my hobby. I expressed my joy, pain from the bottom of my heart.

Q 2. How do you grab inspirational thoughts? Do you get it from your own experience or do you obverse and study other life to get inspired?

Ans:Yes, I take inspirational thoughts from the bottom of my heart. My inspirational power is my soul. My soul always motivates me. I inspire from my personal experiences just like my struggles, failures, journey, my dedication. I am always excited to do something new. I think that I was born as a simple person but I will die as a special and famous person.I realised my thoughts, my pain, my feelings which inspire and motivate me.

Q. 3 What was the inspiration or motivation to write your debut novel? Give the title and its impact on readers?

Ans:I took inspiration from a middle class family girl for writing my debut novel ‘Chamde Ka Lutera’. I have seen many girls not following their dreams due to family restrictions. The reason behind writing my novel was to change the mentality of my society so that I could help those girls for the respect that they truest deserve. Because a family gives rights to boys for doing anything then why don’t they give same for girls?

Q.4 Brief on your writing method? As you have written so many books till now, how has been your journey as a writer so far?

Ans: My writing method is based on fiction and imagination. As a author, my journey is very amazing because I feel peace during writing of my feelings, experiences, pain and struggles. I wrote many stories at a young age but due to some personal reason I left writing. Then I felt too depressed and very alone and one day I decided to rewrite my debut novel ‘Chamde Ka Lutera’ as a hobby.

Q.5 Literature, like writing a story or a novel is always a good creativity rather than any bad habit, how to convince all others and readers on this?

Ans: Books are very good friend for anybody because they never hurt, never complain, just give you the life long experience. Whenever someone writes a book, he accumulates all experiences of his life in pieces of paper. There is no question left in this whole world which is not written by anyone in any book.

Q.6 How do these Facebook groups or blogs or e-magazines etc are for the development of literature?

Ans: Firstly, These all things help to promote any kind of work of literature by posting updates of upcoming books. And it also help to connect to writers and readers.

Q.7 What have you achieved by writing your first novel?

Ans: I have achieved many things by writing my first novel. First is author tag before my name and Second is fame. And also lot of love and blessings of many people like family, friends, teachers and social media friends.

Q.8 What has life taught you and brought to you as an author?

Ans: Not being an author specifically but life always gives u some lesson and in my case,life taught me how to not loose hope and restart again after a failure, the time I wasn’t able to crack PMT exam I actually lost hopes and then I begin to write again and came to know that struggle in life is a never ending process and in my book you will find some glimpse of it.

Q.9 You are a published author and what is your future plan? What is your advice to budding writers?

Ans : I wanna be famous author and my novel will be the best seller novel. I also want if someone reads my novel or story and gets inspired by my reading. My advice to my fellow writers: do the work in which you are interested and can inspire to everyone and only that can give you happiness.

Q. 10 In your life too, sea might have influenced in your writing a lot. Any such good and bad experience encountered while watching the beautiful sea. What are your thoughts on the bounty of the sea, sky and the shores?

Ans: Actually I love the sea shore like any other nature enthusiast sea shore always have a relaxing effect on mind and soul. I have visited sea shores few times only but I have some great memories in my mind. It’s always a pleasure for anyone to see the sunrise from any sea shore and the adjoining point where sky and sea meets in infinity that always shows us bounding of nature and teaches us to be unite.

Q 11 . Can you narrate what made or inspired you to write “THE BROKEN SHIP?”

Ans: Actually I want to write something for children so that I can express their childhood imagination in short stories format that I wrote “THE BROKEN SHIP”.

Q. 12. What are your hobbies in life? And why do you like that particular hobby?

Ans: My hobbies are painting, photography and specially story writing,poetry. I love painting because I love colours and I like nature photography. Story Writing is passion because it’s gives me happiness.

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