Interview With Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Blake Mallen: “The World Is Shifting, and We Need to Shift With It”

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world in ways no one could have ever imagined. As a matter of fact, the global crisis has caused a historic global shift in almost every facet of life—travel, events, social gatherings, job market and the workplace, health, education, and many more. Being someone in the entrepreneurial landscape, Blake Mallen has witnessed the transformation that the pandemic has brought about. 

For many, the inevitable and temporary lull in operations worldwide has shattered traditions, routines, and habits. It has even created all kinds of uncertainty, fear, and assumptions around what might happen in the succeeding months. According to Blake Mallen, a lifestyle entrepreneur, business catalyst, and investor, the world is changing, and everyone needs to change with it intentionally. 

As one of the foremost advocates of positive change, Blake Mallen believes that instead of being feared, change should be welcomed with open arms. In his enlightening TEDx Talk, which surpassed one million views and was recently featured on, he already recognized the need for people to ‘shift the script’ long before the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Blake Mallen noted that this ‘script’ is society’s traditional prescription for what people are supposed to do to achieve wealth, success, and happiness. But as explained in his talk, “Shift The Script—Why Your ‘Supposed To’ No Longer Works,” on the TED stage, this script no longer serves most people.

“This forced pause over the past year has completely shattered our script—the systemic ‘formula’ for life success. This shift has caused many people to wonder why they are so unhappy and discontent. They got the grades in school, got the college degree, got the job. However, they still feel completely lost,” Mallen said. “The pandemic has really woken people up to what matters in life and amplified our awareness around what needs to shift,” he added. 

According to Blake Mallen, although people might acknowledge they need to make changes, a lot of them stay exactly in the same place. He further explained that instead of looking forward, these individuals are looking backward. For this reason, they can never experience the progress they long to achieve. 

With small intentional shifts in their mindset and daily habits, Blake Mallen believes that people can take the first step toward positive change. To walk these individuals through the shifting process and help them thrive, he recently launched his podcast show, “ALIVE By Design,” which features an enlightening mix of #WalkWithMe solo episodes, along with conversations with top thought leaders delivering bite-sized pieces of wisdom, transformative lessons, and inspirational words.

Blake Mallen’s weekly episodes are designed to wake people up and help them discover their purpose, passion, and potential, especially through these challenging and fast-changing times. In this way, they can feel fully alive. His past guests include some of the world’s most respected and recognized authorities on health, happiness, and business, namely Eliyahu Jian, Dolvett Quince, Jeremy Jackson, Dr. Robert Glover, and more. 

Above anything else, Blake Mallen teaches people to ‘shift the script’ by starting with three basic steps—acknowledge there is a script, find a script that better serves them, and commit to making consistent small shifts every day. “Proactively make small shifts every single day,” he said. “Over time, they will lead to big transformations and help you create the life you were meant to live,” he added. 

With Blake Mallen’s ‘shift strategy’ and practical approach, the new normal can bring endless opportunities for consciously bettering oneself. Learn more about him here


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