Interview with Rijvi Raj The story of becoming a popular Singer and musician in Bangladesh

Today I will introduce you to such a special person, he is none other than the popular Bangladeshi Singer Rijvi Raj. Rijvi Raj He was born on October 19, 1996 in Comilla district. Md. Rezaul Karim is surprised to hear the name! No wonder Rijvi Raj’s full name is Md. Rezaul Karim. He is known as Rijvi Raj to the people and professionally his official name is Rijvi Raj.

In the meantime, some Rijvi Raj’s original songs have been released from major music labels in Bangladesh. And the song titled ‘Manush Vala Na’ by Rijvi Raj from international music platform Vevo Channel has been released from RijviRajvevo channel.Rijvi Raj said that the song titled “Mayaboti” released by Eagle Music, the biggest music label in Bangladesh in 2019, went viral and people accepted the song very well.

A story of hope in your music life?
Rijvi Raj said, “I have loved music since I was a child. I used to sing at many school and college events. I bought my first guitar in 2010 and sang with it. Then I went to Dhaka in 2012 to study music at Bulbul Lolilkala Academy (BAFA) for two years.

Rijvi Raj Said in 2018 my first original song “Shopnobinodini” was released. Then the song titled ‘Dekhbo Dekhbo’ was released under the banner of Eagle Music, the biggest music label in Bangladesh. Rijvi Raj said that in 2019 I did three songs by Ayon Chaklader, the popular music director of Bangladesh.Meanwhile, a song titled “Kon Oporadhe” has been released from India

Rijvi Raj further said that I have done songs with many popular artists of Bangladesh, among them I have done a duet with the artist Sharalipi of India ZE Bangla Saregamapa titled “Vabchi Bose Tomar Kotha”.

I have released a total of 15 original songs so far. Discography:
Year/Album /Label: 2018 Sopnobinodini (SH PlusBd), 2018 Tui Shudu Amari (Kolergaan Multimedia company), 2018 Dekho Dekhbo (Eagle Music), 2019 Mayaboti (Eagle Music) 2019 Vabchi Bose Tomar Kotha (Kolergaan Multimedia), 2020 Kon Oporadhe (Illusion Studio) (India). Solo Album: Nelpori, Konna Tumi, Cholonamoyi, Kolizata korli khoto, Hoilo Nato Bosot Bati, Moner Dukkho, Neshai onuvob, Tore mone Rakchi.
2021 Manush Vala Na (RijviRajVEVO)

How is his current song work going?
Rijvi Raj said I will be in 2020 Got officially verified Artist on international music platforms Spotify, YouTube and Google. Then I published about ten songs on my own official YouTube artist channel. And in 2021 I became an official Vevo artist. And my song has been published from Vevo Channel. Rijvi Raj said I will playback the play up front and then release some original songs from my official Vevo channel.

Rijvi Raj said – “Corona epidemic has become a major concern in other parts of the world. Nowadays working outside the home is not safe. Most singers and musicians are working from home and publishing their work on various online platforms.I think the work of this genre is going to be recognized and in the future, everyone will publish their songs ”

“Lastly, I want to take my music one step further as an artist through the official Vevo Artist Channel. Many thanks for creating the Vevo company. Everyone will pray for me so that I can stay healthy and give you better songs. Lots of love and best wishes to all.

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