Into the Journey of Vibhor Varshney: An Ace Stock Marketer, Teacher and Learner for Life

Believer of the afore mentioned quote is an individual who might have failed in many avenues of the Indian ‘Education’ system but has certainly stood first on the league of acquiring wisdom due to all the sweet and bitter experiences in life.

True it is that formal education will give you a living but practical education gives you the power to create, enable and transform. Today we bring to you the journey of Vibhor Varshney, the expert stock marketer who is revolutionizing the knowledge of the stock market in the country.

The founder and CEO of Vighnahara Investment Solutions, Vibhor is a supremely talented stock market mentor who has touched the lives of over 1900+ students and has acquired the required skill set and expertise to be given the license from SEBI.

A Research Analyst, Vibhor is an inspiration to millions of millennials who feel disillusioned in their life. He is also a source of constant inspiration for thousands of youth who are on crossroads in their career. Vibhor champions the fact that even if you don’t get through the ‘qualifying’ exams of our education system you are worth everything and you are equipped to change the course of your future.

“I was a very bright student throughout school; I was also amongst the toppers of the class always. When I was about to complete my 12th, I had a dream to study at Delhi University. I struggled really hard in my board exams so that I can acquire a seat in Delhi University which I eventually did. I thought life would go upwards from here, but within a span of 2 years everything changed. I was out of graduate college, I left my CA prep post which I left my CS preparation as well because of kidney stones and the subsequent operations. I was heart- broken from all the fronts in life”, says Vibhor.

“For someone like me who has achieved what he pledged, these failures came as a jolt. I was taken aback and shattered. I even began to feel embarrassed in front of my family and friends.However, I was constantly looking for opportunities that I could grab to make it big. That is how I got acquainted with the stock market and rest is history. Through this story, I just want to pass on a message to each individual that even if everything in your life goes opposite to your plans, even if you feel you are worth nothing, keep trying consistently. You are never alone in your journey. There are a million others like you who are going through the same, but the ones who battle till the end enlist their names in top positions across globe”, adds Vibhor.

Vibhor Varshney is the name that is gradually picking up amongst the stock market enthusiasts. Not only is he the mentor to thousands of youth but has made investing easy for millions of investors across ages with his informative and insightful Facebook posts, YouTube videos, Twitter sessions and telegram resources.

Vibhor Varshney is someone who believes in giving back what he has acquired from the society, in lieu of which, he continues to work for some NGOs including home for old age and acid survivors.

It is conclusive that the founder of Vighnahara Investment Solutions is championing the cause of those who are neglected by the society. From disillusioned students to the needy and isolated, Vibhor understands the trials and tribulations of ‘not being enough’ for the society and is striving each day to make this planet more balanced, aware and conscious of its capabilities in bringing changes.

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