Is Organic Growth Dead in 2019? I Think NOT

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With the start of the new year, many believed that organic social media lost all its value, forfeiting to paid social posting and ads. However, think again, because organic social strategies and the considerable difference they can make to business’ online presence a­­nd reach is quite noteworthy. Here are three main advantages to using organic content in your marketing strategy:

Free of Charge

There is no cost involved! By correctly marketing your brand or business on the appropriate social media channels, you can gain the desired audience and reach you want at no extra price. Maximizing marketing efforts to build brand image and awareness involves creating a strategy that mixes the implementation of both organic and paid posts. Many business owners and entrepreneurs don’t realize the effectiveness of organic posts, overlooking the value they can add to their social media presence.

Increased Engagement

Most people have social media nowadays, some using it for business and others for pure entertainment. By participating in creative strategies that help build communities, brands can increase engagement with users on their social pages.

Take the success of the egg, Eugene (@world_record_egg), that has gained the title of the “most-liked post on Instagram.” An out-of-the-box approach to the social media game, the photo — posted on January 4th — reached over 48.6 million likes, 2.8 million comments, and 7.8 million page followers. On January 18th, a second post was released, the same egg with a crack on the top left-hand side. In just one hour, it reached over 2.2 million likes and nearly 95,000 comments. It took the power of the community and started an interactive movement that involved everyone from big stars to the everyday person, leading to its major success.

Relatability and Authenticity

In 2019, people like to find a common interest or mindset when choosing a brand. Having organic content on social media platforms creates a more relatable and authentic image to the everyday person, making them more inclined to hear your message or buy your product/service. By showcasing educational stories or posts, day-to-day activities, and other “non-sale” posts, potential clients have the opportunity to see beyond the name and logo. Using compelling content to tell a story drives global users to engage and share your posts with their followers, increasing overall awareness of your brand.

Even though paid social media plays a significant role in today’s business world, organic strategies also hold an important part in the success of a brand page. Although more difficult to master, creating organic content through researched strategies can help businesses and entrepreneurs grow their online presence and reach. Some of the most profitable small businesses have seen incredibly high profit margins because of their success with organic growth and spending a bit more time with their content. This is something every entrepreneur can implement in their business immediately, right after reading this! Whether you have a small business or want to build a personal brand, taking this advice is beneficial to you!

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