Island Banks Speaks Hope to Young Upcoming Musicians

They say the end justifies the means. That is the case for today’s rising musical legend. It is noted that Island Banks made his first composition from his friend’s bedroom and recently he has every reason to smile for his current status. He never fails to mention it whenever he narrates his career journey amusingly.

Island Banks is among the many celebrities that continue to prove that solid will outshine any other aspect of success. As a singer, his determination to showcase his gift to the world was not deterred. By 17 years of age, he had gained recognition by local musicians who endorsed him for several features. By the year 2008, he was already racing against big names such as Tinie Tempah.

The Mystery Behind His Name

There is a secret to rebranding after hitting a few career milestones. Banks is thankful he got to know it in the early days of his musical career. He went MIA for some time and then later made a comeback with a new stage name, Island banks. The reception from his fanatics was overwhelming, and he has never looked back since.

What is Island Bank’s Main Niche?

Banks is an aspiring singer! If you woke him up in the middle of the night and asked him to perform any music genre, he would gladly hit it like he was on an actual stage. He’s popularly known for UK garage and Dance, Pop, Hip-hop, and R&B for commercial use.

He credits his family background for his versatility in music. His father was fond of hip hop, which largely influenced his taste in it. His brother, on the other hand, had a soft spot for R&B and house. His younger sister was into pop music. Each genre he was exposed to gave him his diversified insight that can be felt in his compositions.


Banks states that his musical inspirations are all over different genres and timescales. He is pretty perspective and is therefore always taping wisdom from every little life experience that comes his way. That plays out well as far as his sales go. Who doesn’t love content they can relate to?

The future seems bright for Island Banks. He promises to keep the air lively for his fans. To keep up with what he is up to now be sure to check out his Instagram @island.banks.

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