Jackie Meyer Pushes the Boundaries of What it Means to be an Accountant

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Jacki Meyer, a self-made millionaire, Meyer is passionate about entrepreneurship and mentoring, and that passion flows into her work in a seemingly boring business sector.

An active member of the Forbes Finance Council, Meyer believes that everyone can find joy in doing their taxes with the right mindset. She especially stresses this point for small businesses and entrepreneurs, with which she specializes in working.

Hard Work and Humble Beginnings

Meyer started out paying her own way to get her undergraduate degree at Texas A&M University. She started her career at a small financial planning firm. There, she realized her unique love for the industry. Now, she wants to spread that love and power to others.

Bigger Steps

Meyer later went back to university, earning her Masters in Accounting from Southern Methodist University, while working full-time in Deloitte’s high net worth division. She later earned her CPA.

Seemingly-Small Next Moves

The soon-to-be CEO and Founder joined an unknown, locally-owned CPA firm in the Dallas/Fort Worth area as her next career move. She constantly pushed boundaries, fueling her next career-based realization: She is a leader at heart. She began her own concierge CPA firm, now leading a dozen. With a new passion for entrepreneurship and getting it done well, Meyer began her journey to assist other accounting firms in growing their enterprises to increase their abilities to help more taxpayers using her ROI Method™.

Now, she is dedicated to mentoring and positively influencing not only her own high net worth clientele at the firm, but also accounting professionals and her peers. Her step to join something small turned into her passion to help others succeed.

Leadership Critique

Meyer felt that good leadership in the accounting world is hard to come by. Rightfully so, she saw a huge gap in the market.

“I think that many of us with left-side dominant brains are not always the best communicators,” said Meyer. “I know we are out there though, and I want to be able to provide that well-rounded leadership to others in my field. Beyond that, I want to train my peers to be the type of leaders I know many of us wish we’d always had.”

This mindset allows Meyer to be the example of what she wants to see in the world by providing outstanding customer service to her clients and loving leadership to her team.

“I want to see others succeed in this field, and the clients benefit too” said Meyer. “The people who are skilled in less flashy pursuits, like math and numbers, shouldn’t have to lead dismal lives just because pop culture says we should. By integrating passion into what we love to do, and are darn good at, we can begin to reap the benefits of positive thinking in the workplace. Why not the boundaries of what it means to be an accountant? Why not be proud of your craft?”

Expanding Her Reach with TaxPlanIQ

“I don’t work with just accountants, although that is one of my passions,” said Meyer. “I love technology and I think it is a gorgeous tool for accounting. We are so lucky to live in this modern era, and I think that any small business that ignores this is at such a disadvantage. I developed TaxPlanIQ to make tax planning easy and profitable for tax firms. There is a project management aspect to the platform, and I think it is another great step in bridging the gap between taxpayers and entrepreneurs.”

Meyers speaks at events and conferences as a business coach, has thousands of followers on her social media platforms, and pursues a consistently hands-on approach to mentoring. Her passion and innovation have helped her to create a name for herself, and she wants to bring others in her field along for the ride.

About Jackie Meyer

Jackie Meyer is the ​​CEO and Founder of Meyer Tax Consulting LLC, The Concierge CPA Mastermind Group, The Concierge Accountant Self Study Course, and TaxPlanIQ. Jackie specializes in providing innovative tax strategies and coaching programs to executive clientele for a high return on investment.

She leads her own team of top-tier talent spanning across the US operating with 100% virtual workflows and is a top-rated speaker, business coach, and social media influencer with thousands of students and followers. She served on the Intuit Tax Council (2016-2019) and the Forbes Finance Council (2019-present).

Recent honors include 40 under 40 CPA Advisor Winner (2018-2021) and AICTC (American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches) member of the year (2019). For more information, please visit https://jackiemeyercpa.com/ 

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