Jaydip Dholariya and Nihal Bhalala Explain How They Overcame The Challenges With Their E-Commerce Website Stayclassy

Online shopping has flourished by leaps and bounds in recent times. While many believe that one can make crazy money through e-commerce, it is extremely significant to find the right products to sell. With many e-commerce websites in the market, customers are much more inclined towards quality products which come with a reasonable price. Analysing the market trends, Jaydip Dholariya and Nihal Bhalala started selling niche products in the form of mobile cases and covers. The duo launched the shopping portal named Stayclassy which now offers different products like T-shirts, mugs, watches and a variety of other customized products.

The founders are qualified as engineers who wanted to make it big in the e-commerce sector. However, the two are from different fields as Dholariya is an IT engineer while Bhalala is an electrical engineer. The only thing that brought them together was the desire to build a successful business and not work under somebody. The idea of launching Stayclassy came to their mind in May 2017 for which they sought financial help in terms of investments from their family and close friends. The financial constraint was not just the only obstacle faced by the company after its launch.

There were certain roadblocks the e-commerce website faced before its launch. The duo revealed that it was very difficult for them to put the first step in the e-commerce industry. Bhalala while speaking about the obstacles the company had at its start were customer trust issues, shipping and delivery issues, COD and other operational issues. He said, “As we were totally new name in the market, customers felt that we are a fraud because we were working in prepaid mode.” Moreover, at the start, they called their customers with regards to the product delivery information to win their trust. With the time being passed, the team of Stayclassy’s hard work paid off as the customers left extremely positive feedback about the products.

The issue of only COD as a payment option became a hurdle for the company as there were many fake orders and returns after which the online store started with the prepaid mode of payment. However, now the company is running successfully with the sales being doubled this year with around more than 50,000 monthly prepaid orders. Currently, the company has a team of more than 40 members and its offices are based in Ahmedabad and Surat respectively. Bhalala overlooks production, packaging, shipping, customer support and product analysis in Ahmedabad and Dholariya takes care of web development, backend support and digital marketing. Following the latest market trends, the e-commerce website is adding a lot of trendy products which has grabbed everyone’s attention.

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