Jeremy McGilvery’s Upwork Account Continues to Dominate on the World’s Most Popular Freelancing Platform

Jeremy McGilvery, a Harvard-educated and award-winning digital marketer who helps transform the digital presence of business owners and entrepreneurs through conversion-based websites and sales funnels – has surpassed the half-million-dollar mark on the world’s most popular freelancing platform, Upwork.

This unprecedented achievement speaks to McGilvery’s commitment to producing stellar results for his worldwide clientele. Already having achieved Upwork’s most 

prestigious title of Expert-Vetted, awarded only to the top 1% of freelancers on the platform – McGilvery’s revenue achievement showcases his commitment to excellence across all aspects of digital marketing.

What Jeremy McGilvery noticed in his initial conversations with potential clients is precisely what fuels his mission of not only being one of Upwork’s top freelancers, but growing his highly successful business, noting:

“Unfortunately, most clients came to me after having a sub-part experience with another digital marketer. The stories all sounded the same: they’d been promised a lead-generating website or sales funnel, but were unsatisfied with the results. I stand by every project and don’t stop until it’s generating profits for my clients.”

In a service world that is becoming more transactional in nature, it is precisely this dedication to over-delivering for his clients that makes Jeremy McGilvery the digital marketer to watch for years to come.

Jeremy McGilvery’s Results Keep Clients Coming Back for More

One of the secrets to Jeremy McGilvery’s success on Upwork and across the digital marketing landscape is an often-forgotten part of revenue generation: repeat business from prior clients.

Many business owners and entrepreneurs tend to ignore this market and instead focus their efforts exclusively on new leads. Unfortunately, they forget there’s a goldmine of people in front of them who have already earned their trust and are likely interested in more services. However, tapping into prior clients as a revenue-generation strategy comes with one caveat: they must have had a superior experience.

McGilvery is distinctly proud of generating a high volume of repeat business – as it shows that he’s providing tangible results that impact their bottom line, saying: “Breaking the $500,000 revenue mark on Upwork has been a remarkable accomplishment,” said Jeremy McGilvery. “It speaks to the confidence my clients, many of them who are repeat buyers, have in me and the service I provide – tightly engineered webpages that turn clicks into customers. I’m looking forward to my next goal, the $1 million mark, and helping even more clients achieve business success with visually stunning, revenue-boosting websites and sales funnels.”

While overdelivering is key towards securing repeat customers and creating long-term relationships built on trust, there’s one more: an unheard-of guarantee that protects his client’s risk and showcases his confidence in delivering results.

Jeremy McGilvery’s Guarantee Is Nothing Short of Impressive


So, how does Jeremy McGilvery show his confidence in creating results for his clientele – especially those who’ve had a poor experience with another digital marketer? Simple: he takes on all the risk and bets on his expertise.

Enter his iron-clad guarantee, which is unheard of in the services world. Because McGilvery believes websites and sales funnels should produce a positive return on investment through opt-ins, leads, and sales – his guarantee is stunningly simple: he doesn’t take his client’s money if they’re not making it from his work.

While this guarantee already sets him apart in any business landscape, that’s not all. McGilvery is so confident of his ability to generate results that he takes it a step further: if his clients aren’t thrilled with the results, he’ll write them a $1,000 check for their troubles and wasting their time.

As a small business owner or entrepreneur – imagine having the confidence in your brand, product, or service to such a degree that you’ll pay your clients for their trouble if they’re not satisfied.

Jeremy McGilvery’s Upwork Achievements Showcase His Dedication To Results


While an important accomplishment, McGilvery has his sights on a new goal: crossing the million-dollar threshold on Upwork. Given his track record of consistently knocking off audacious goals, it’ll be no surprise when he crosses the mark.

While pursuing the half-million-dollar mark on Upwork, McGilvery enrolled and completed a rigorous three-year degree program at Harvard. His degree is another example of a track record of success that includes 4 Two-Comma Club awards from ClickFunnels, co-writing a chapter with Russell Brunson, and regularly being featured on the world’s most prestigious publications, including Forbes, Inc., and Entrepreneur.

McGilvery’s continued achievements are an inspiring example for all businesses and entrepreneurs with lofty revenue goals. They act as reminders to focus on delivering an extraordinary experience, that customers can’t wait to come back for more.

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