Jimmy, Rich, & Johann: 3 Different Lifestyles With 1 Life-Changing Mission to Change the World Through Community

startup, meeting, brainstorming
startup, meeting, brainstorming
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Entrepreneurship is not so much about theories and principles as it is about experiences, lessons learned, nuggets passed on, and values absorbed. This is why a lot of people take business courses in college and still require mentorship after graduation – there’s always so much more to learn in the real world. 

While you certainly need the technical know-how and administrative knowledge to run a business, immersing yourself into a community of like-minded people is the best way to learn, first-hand, how to build, scale, and thrive against the competition. This rings true to many leaders like Jimmy, Rich, and Johann who were all connected by one thing: an online family with a purpose.

Communities make a difference, and for Jimmy Torres, a rising hip hop artist, this became a driving force in his path to success after he stumbled upon LiveSotori, a dynamic platform helping entrepreneurs in search of financial freedom and online income to create wealth in all aspects of life. 

Within days of joining the community, Jimmy recorded over $3,500 in sales and witnessed remarkable results as his life took a transformational shift. Before joining LiveSotori, Jimmy was looking for a way to change direction – he was at a point in his life where he knew what he needed but wasn’t sure where to find it.

“In 2019, my wife was pursuing a career in real estate,” Jimmy says.

I was happy as her husband to take on a second job, but after a year and a half, I started to get really fatigued. I was tired of working, coming home, and barely having enough energy to eat or do anything else. I decided I needed a change in my life and I started to look for ways to reinvent myself and that’s when I met my LiveSotori family.

As he delved into the world of self-help books and motivational material, Jimmy realized he needed to surround himself with people who would motivate him to get into a better place. As he continued his research online, Jimmy found his way into Affiliate Marketing and the key to a  happier life. The support and the love he received from the LiveSotori family allowed him to ease up in every aspect. 

“I found some programs that I thought were decent, but it wasn’t until I found the community at LiveSotori that I realized I needed a team behind me to get me where I wanted to be,” he said.

“If you want to go fast, do it alone. If you want to go far, do it together. If you never change anything, change will never come.”

The LiveSotori story

LiveSotori is a rapidly growing progressive community teaching people how to organically build online businesses and create their own success stories. According to the founder and CEO, business coach Junior Anthony, the community puts out programs that encourage self-reflection and add value to other people’s lives.

“Junior is someone I look up to and aspire to be,” Jimmy says. “He is like a hurricane. He can never take no for an answer. Also, there’s Rich. If it wasn’t for people like Rich that paved the way for me, I don’t think I would have gotten to where I am today.”

Rich Caylao had his first online breakthrough thanks to the guidance of Junior Anthony and his LiveSotori family, allowing him to earn an impressive $10,000 in just one month. Rich, a highly-skilled kitchen specialist, started his LiveSotori journey a few months before Jimmy. He began his career in the culinary industry at a very young age, from being a dishwasher at 15 to cooking in multiple Michelin Starred restaurants. 

Unfortunately for many, when the pandemic struck many restaurants experienced the kiss of death as chefs, general managers, waiters, and bartenders were left unemployed. However, luckily for Rich, he stumbled upon LiveSotori and stepped into a new reality.

As Rich explains, entrepreneurship is not exclusively a solo journey. While you must discover yourself to figure out what you can do, where you can excel, and how you can thrive, there’s a limit to what you can achieve on your own.

“I believe that power comes in numbers,” Rich affirms. “You can pull from other people’s experiences and gain from their wisdom, successes, and failures.” Rich believes that the biggest blessing lies in meeting people with the same vision as you. These are the people who will light a fire under you if you start to slack, who will nurture your self-confidence if it is low, and will be there, genuinely cheering you on for your success. “Self-discovery is essential, but other people are experiencing important situations you are never going to witness but can certainly learn from,” says Rich.

Not only does Rich share his love for food in the kitchen but when he’s not cooking he shares his love by helping others on the platform Junior Anthony has built to make the world a better place. 

“I’m extremely grateful for the LiveSotori family and Junior, for allowing all these possibilities and opening my mindset for success,” says Rich. “I certainly wouldn’t have direction if it wasn’t for that. Especially in the world we live in now, where everything is just so out of touch.”

Energy from all angles

Sometimes, knowing how to go for the things you want is not enough to propel you to move. People need inspiration and purpose to wake up every day and go hard at their dreams, and for Johann, knowing that he has a whole team that inspires him to do better and work harder is something he is grateful to experience.

Johann Choi, an I.T specialist and U.S Marine, believes that when you create an abundant environment full of love, compassion, and hope your life will start to flourish. Johann had a successful career as a Corporate I.T specialist earning a 6-figure salary but although successful he felt empty. So he went in search of freedom. After many misleading programs and a roasting from Junior Anthony, Johann found himself in a happy place. 

“Junior Anthony made me see the errors I was making as a human being. His harsh constructive criticism, tough love, and the fact that he showed that he cared for me more than he cares for himself really hit home. You see, that is what being a great leader is all about. Being selfless with a no BS approach”

LiveSotori is a community that prides itself as the place where the truth about entrepreneurship is laid out with no sugar-coating. In life, you do not need a bunch of “yes men”, you need people who will tell you just how it is despite your feelings getting hurt because according to Junior Anthony that is where growth takes place. Johann believes that a community with integrity is a stronger community as it offers the opportunity to build unbreakable bonds.  

As part of their strategy for the future, Jimmy, Rich, and Johann plan to take what they have learned at LiveSotori to grow throughout life by leading others to success and continue making a difference in this world. These three entrepreneurs have had such a remarkable journey in the hands of the LiveSotori family that they now collaborate with each other to continue building a world-class team.

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