John Bonavia on how Being Social Breeds Success

John Bonavia is an entrepreneur with multiple business endeavors. Bonavia has always been exceptionally personable, enjoying helping people and getting to know them. In his twenties, that love for interaction landed him in the places that many people in that age group find themselves in: local bars and clubs.

Those environments helped Bonavia exercise his social energy, while also creating a network for opportunities in the future. Today, Bonavia finds himself much more career and family oriented, missing the camaraderie that builds up in clubs and other social environments.

That’s led him to his latest project, The Gateway Advantage, an opportunity he hopes to use to highlight how much social interactions can teach you about growing successful businesses and entrepreneurial efforts. 

Having a Plan for the Future

One of the biggest lessons Bonavia has learned through his social interactions with other entrepreneurs is how important it is to set goals and have plans for the future of your businesses. As The Gateway Advantage gets off the ground, Bonavia has a five-year plan for its success.

This plan revolves around making sure the business helps people first and foremost before focusing on money or how much Bonavia benefits himself. “I have learned the more you help people, the more you will experience the true joy of finding purpose,” he says.

Having a plan helps Bonavia stay on track with his goals and also go over plans when meeting with like-minded individuals. Those individuals can give you a clearer picture of where that plan may fall short and what you can do to have more detailed ideas for the future. 

Pushing Through Pain

Unforeseen circumstances can often get in the way of business growth, even when you have a plan for success in place. This happened to Bonavia with The Gateway Advantage when the COVID-19 pandemic began. The virus pushed back progress significantly, essentially causing Bonavia to start over with his plans from scratch.

He credits having a team that he had connected with personally as the way he got things back on track and though the business is still getting started, he’s confident they’ll be OK largely due to the connection he has with the people he’s working with. 

Sharing Similar Experiences

Bonavia also uses social interactions to find people who have been through things that he’s experienced. He feels sharing those experiences can help to fuel future success, both in business and life as a whole. “To me Success is an ongoing process that you obtain through experiences that make you stronger,” he says.

“It’s using your past to courageously continue on a path that you would only have obtained through your personal life’s lessons.” Bonavia’s past includes him overcoming addiction, something he hopes to share with people in future TEDx talks, showing them how facing your past can help you truly find joy and success through making amends.

Learning How to Help Others

When Bonavia became passionate about entrepreneurship, he was very self-focused, aiming to gain the things a lot of people look for with money: cars, big houses, and other expensive material things. Changing that mindset took meeting like-minded people who helped him how much personal success is tied to helping others be successful.

“I used to think success was determined by the material things a man acquires,” Bonavia says. “But when I lost my material things and began to develop a desire to love and help others I realized my integrity grew with the respect I gained for myself by not only thinking of myself.”

Diversifying Your Plans

Bonavia’s interactions with others showed him how successful entrepreneurs work with a variety of business ideas and opportunities, while also taking on several philanthropic endeavors. Personally, Bonavia dabbles in real estate and the stock market, while also volunteering to help troubled youth. All of these things are done in addition to taking on new ventures and building up a motivated team around him. “I enjoy having many irons in the fire,” he says. 

Leading with Love

Bonavia believes increased social interaction breeds positivity. He aims to use his own personal experiences to always lead his efforts with a loving nature that breeds hard work and success. 

“I want to be a man who shows he has taken all of his life lessons and learned from them, he says. “ Many people have struggles in life, but for me, letting others know how to overcome them has kept me humble. Showing them with love and compassion is my only way to express how thankful I am for the challenges in life and using them all for good.”

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