Joseph Oniwor Helps 177 Women Transform Their Health, Fitness And Nutrition

Joseph Oniwor, a world-class health, fitness and nutrition expert and founder of JOC Coaching has announced that he’s helped over 177 women achieve health, fitness, and nutrition transformations.

Joseph Oniwor’s announcement comes on the heels of a remarkable track record working exclusively with women over 48 who have unique health and fitness needs that he felt were being unaddressed, and often ignored, in the marketplace. In recognizing this problem, Oniwor launched JOC Coaching in 2010 and has recently closed out his 12th successful year in business.

To achieve this remarkable number, Oniwor and his coaches rely on decades of experience, a never-ending quest to pursue knowledge – and a proprietary process to help clients achieve stellar results. To do so, each client is taken through an assessment to determine their exact needs: from nutritional protocols to high-touch coaching and the accountability to turn healthy decisions into lifelong habits for success.

Joseph Oniwor Shows You How To Lose Weight At 48

Ultimately, JOC’s mission is to empower women to make healthy habits automatic and a sustainable part of their daily lifestyle. In a competitive health and fitness landscape, the JOC Method stands apart with its unique combination of customized nutritional guidance, personalized fitness coaching and what Oniwor considers the secret to his client’s success: accountability coaching for continued sustainable results – noting:

“Today, anyone can go online and find information on what to eat, how to eat and the latest workouts. But that’s not the problem. Most of our choices aren’t made logically, they’re based on how we feel. With accountability coaching, we’re able to create a foundation of confidence for our clients to make the best decisions for their health and fitness, which is why I believe I provide the best sustainable solution for women over the age of 48.”

This unique combination can be found inside his signature The Body Academy, an 8-week transformation program trusted by thousands. The goal is simple: empower women over the age of 48 to enjoy the best years of their lives feeling stronger, fitter, and more beautiful – both inside and out, with Oniwor noting:

“Women over the age of 48 have unique needs that most health and fitness programs (and trainers) know little about. Furthermore, they end up using cookie-cutter plans that are meant for 27-year-olds and wonder why they’re unable to see the results they want – whether shedding stubborn body fat, fitting into their college jeans or simply loving what they see in the mirror. At JOC, we address their needs comprehensively with our clients averaging a loss of 6% body fat in the first 3 months.”

Joseph Oniwor Reviews

JOC Coaching’s track record is second to none, with a remarkable number of five-star reviews from women who’d tried it all and were sick and tired of the status quo with “one size fits all” plans. While each success story is unique in its own right, a common theme emerges: a complete shift in how women look, feel, and perform on a daily basis along with significant increased levels of energy.

These days, there are countless options for health and fitness programs including the rise of at-home and virtual training. However, in a marketplace full of bold claims and cookie-cutter approaches, Oniwor and his team are setting a standard of excellence that few can match.

As a former collegiate and professional athlete, Joseph Oniwor knows what it takes to achieve ultimate performance from the inside out. As he rounds out his 28th year as a personal trainer, there are no signs of him slowing down anytime soon. In fact, he feels like he’s barely getting started and committed to increasing the number of women he helps in 2022 and beyond.

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