Julien Momm Revolutionizes the Education Scene for Coaching

He replaces the old-fashioned concept according to which one must either complete several advanced training courses or a long psychology degree in order to be authorized to help other people.

Julien’s novel franchise concept, on the other hand, provides its partners with a tool that allows them to obtain this authorization without these cumbersome and lengthy licensing restrictions.

Of course, it remains the case that not everyone is naturally suited to work as a coach in the first place. But that is exactly what this concept is all about, that the interested parties can do exactly what also corresponds to their true vocation. In the process of the franchise system, it is determined how great the individual’s talent is. But if this particular talent has already manifested itself, the Julien franchise system is on hand to provide applicants with everything they need to unerringly implement their plan.

The reasons for not having completed a lot of further training or a psychology degree with top grades can be very different. Julien, however, thinks that it is a mistake to justify this with a lack of talent or even intellect. He is convinced that everyone should be given the chance to follow their vocation. This is precisely the revolutionary approach of his completely new franchise system.

The ability to help other people, to meet them with empathy, has absolutely nothing to do with academic degrees in this system with which Julien is now entering the US market. Julien has often met people who doubted themselves because they didn’t have those degrees.

Yet he saw in them a talent for being empathetic and providing assistance to others. The franchise concept wants to show this opportunity to anyone else who wants to go in this direction. It’s not done with the U.S. yet, as Julien plans to expand his franchise to the worldwide coaching market as well.

But how did Julien come up with the idea to implement such a revolutionary idea and what qualifies him to do so?

Well, like many successful coaches, Julien himself initially followed a very similar path to those he now intends to help with his work. Julien lost his mother at an early age, was left to fend for himself, and acted out his frustrations by binge eating. A high overweight was the consequence, from which he could free himself by his own strength.

His desire to help others initially led him to work as a nurse. Rather by chance, he was then discovered as a stripper. This in turn resulted in many women’s stories, but in the end they did not make him happy either, because none of them lasted long. He investigated the question of why this might be and today, after several successful TV appearances, he also works as a relationship coach.

Now he is about to conquer the US market with his novel coaching franchise system. Anyone who is willing can participate to help others the way Julien has done in the past.

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