Justin Borbe Speaks on how to Grow Instagram in 2022

Justin Borbe, the New York fashion and lifestyle blogger whom you might have come across on Instagram under the name IGJUSTIN.

This is my little corner of the internet where I like to share all things about fashion and lifestyle!

I have always been passionate about fashion and am finally doing what I love. What started out as a casual hobby has now grown into a business that reaches thousands of people who want to know how to look amazing and lead their best lives!

What’s unique about Justin is that not only does he gives advice on the types of outfits that you should wear and interesting tips but he also enjoys sharing experiences and want you to see quality artistic photos of places that he visits and what it’s like living in New York City.

Having partnered with prominent apparel brands like Psycho Bunny, Rockport, Alo Yoga, and Expressmen as well as lifestyle brands like Gillette, Roman, Göt2b. He shares some tips on how to grow and reach a wider audience as a beginner or intermediate in 2022.

1. Use hashtags, you are allowed to use up to 30. You can try different ones based on what works best for you.
2. Tag bigger accounts to get featured on their pages so more people can see your content.
3. Pick a niche that you are passionate about, so sharing it on your page makes it fun and enjoyable for you and everyone.
4. Once your niche is established you can then introduce 1 or 2 additional niches that you are passionate about.
5. Make authentic and unique content. Post content that speaks to your style and personality. Learn how to edit a certain unique way so you can share something special that your audience will look forward to.
6. Collaborate and take pictures or videos with other creators you share the same interest. Building friendships and a group where you can help each other and share ideas with each other is a great way to be more efficient and have someone to enjoy the journey with.
7. Try different content. Trial and error, helps you learn what works for you and what doesn’t. Ask for your friends’ opinion or feedback and maybe you can apply it for next time.
8. Have fun. Social media and sharing content is supposed to be pleasurable. Sometimes we lose sight of enjoying the journey and taking it one step at a time.

As a content creator and influencer, I believe that it is my responsibility to share my vision with the world through social media. I want to inspire people to do what they like most. Being a content creator has allowed me to share my quirkiness and aesthetic. Since I always loved dressing fashionably and taking pictures, what I do is something that is natural to me and I have learned to be comfortable with over time.

We thanked Justin for his insights and asked if he has a final tip for aspiring influencers and content creators in this interview.

I see some people who want to be instafamous immediately. For me, social media and Instagram is a place to share and have fun. I always thought of it as some kind of album that you, friends and family can look back on in future years and reminisce on cool memories you made. With that reason I believe having a positive mindset is important to create content that is in line with your passions.

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