Kaabo Mantis 8 Review: 10 Things you Need to Know

Kaabo is a globally recognized brand known for producing Electric Scooters for off-roading and commuting purposes. The primary mission of Kaabo is to bring innovative and exciting variants of E-scooters.

E-scooters are taking over the market as more and more people are looking and opting for effective personal transportation methods. With changing times, many riders are now seeing and considering the long-term scope of having an E-scooter. The newest addition to Kaabo’s electric Scooter range is its Mantis 8.

It’s a perfect fit as it is a lightweight and smooth performance commute scooter. Here are ten things that you need to know about our all-new ,KaaboUSA Mantis8:

1.Who is it Best For? (Commuting/Light off-road)

The Kaabo Mantis electric scooter is a triple danger in the scooter game because of its fantastic torque, speed, and acceleration capabilities. Its dual road capabilities allow it to handle anything thrown at it, making it an electric scooter with minimal constraints.The Kaabo Mantis is one of the most sought-after scooters on the market, with legitimate bragging rights.

 The all-new KaaboUSA Mantis8 is a perfect option for daily Commute. Its lightweight and all the features of Mantis 8 are designed by keeping efficiency and durability in mind. Its fast, flexible, and robust performance make it a perfect option for daily use. Overall, the Quality of KaaboUSA Mantis8 is matchless. The durability of Mantis 8 makes it a super solid ride.

Features of Mantis 8:

The Mantis 8 is designed by keeping in mind the user’s needs, and intense acceleration and excellent performance make it even better.

  • Dual Motor: Insane acceleration, long-range, extra power, and speed up to 25mph. The dual-motor of Mantis 8 provides the extra kick to the performance of the e-scooter. The 500 W motor delivers fun and smooth acceleration. It is fit for daily use, but Mantis 8 dual motor makes it a perfect fit even for advanced hill climbing.
  • Brakes: The dual hydraulic disc brakes provide a smooth brakes response. The Kaaba’s Mantis 8 has an excellent braking distance of about 3.2m. In addition, the bakes of Mantis 8 seamlessly engage when the lever is pressed.
  • Front & Rare LED lights: Front and rare led lights make it safe to ride the e-scooter at night. The LED lights are running around the deck of Mantis 8, which makes the visibility high during nighttime.
  • Battery: The 48V 13AH battery with superior battery capacity is used in Mantis 8 offers 24.8 miles per range once fully charged.
  • Tubeless tires: The tubeless tires used in Mantis 2 makes it lightweight and helps cover a wide range of profile.

2.Pros and cons:


  • ABS Strong LED Lights + Dual 500-Watt Motor Disc Brakes
  • Spring Suspension in the Front and Rear
  • Fast
  • Warranty: 18 MONTHS


  • One Color
  • Isn’t for Off-Road

3.Value for Money:

Mantis 8 offers impressive power and great value of money that too in a compact size. Moreover, in 1000USD, Kaabo Mantis 8 provides you with the highest performance.


The frame of the e-scooter is made of Aluminum alloy, which makes it lightweight and more rigid than steel. Mantis 8 has eight-inch tires, and for vibrant brakes, Disc Brakes are used. The stem of Mantis 8 is rock solid, and the suspension and wide tires make it a nice ride even for heavier riders.


Mantis 8 is the lightest among the other models of e-scooters introduced by Kaabo. Not only is it lightweight, but it is also foldable. The stem of Mantis 8 is easily foldable and secured with the deck. This feature of Mantis 8 makes it’s a super-portable machine.

6.Ride Quality:

The dual suspension feature of Mantis 8 makes both acceleration and deceleration smooth. The E-scooter can exceed up to 40 km, but it’s better to ride at 32 kmh. Can do speed transaction in KaaboUSA Mantis8 from zero to lightning speed within seconds. The Mantis 8 is perfect for daily use giving a feel of better control.

7.Performance & Safety:

Mantis 8 can accelerate from 0 to 24kmh in just 4.9 seconds as far as performance is concerned. Kaabo not only focused on better speed but has also kept safety under consideration. The Kaabo Mantis has a deck light that provides some illumination; not only this, it also has LED lights running at each side of the deck, which makes it safer to ride at night.


The top speed that Mantis offers is up to 25 MPH not only; the maximum range that it can go to is 25 Miles. The battery takes about 9+ hours to charge completely. The brakes used in Mantis are Disc brakes which enable Mantis for smooth brakes response. Front and back led lights are yet another vital specification of Mantis 8.

 9.Extra Features: 

  • Cockpit: The cockpit of mantis 8 is simple with QS-S4 trigger throttle, and the turn signals on the Mantis 8 make it quick for the rider to turn smoothly. Not only this, but the cockpit of KaaboUSA Mantis8 is serviceable, which allows controlling the e-scooter with ease.
  • Tires: Mantis 8 are one of the main features that sets it apart from other variants introduced by Kaabo. The 20.3 cm by 8 cm tubeless pneumatic tires gives both a smooth ride and stability.
  • Deck: The mantis eight-deck design measures 47.0 cm long by 21.0 cm wide. Not only this, the deck surface is durable and texturized with rubber to provide balance and grip.

10.Warranty & Post-Purchase Support: 

Mantis 8 comes with an 18 months warranty as Kaabo’s main motive is to provide customer value and satisfaction; they also offer after-sales service. In addition, Kaabo has a support team that is always there to assist its customers.

The Mantis 8 is an e-scooter withsolid performance and a high-quality, smooth ride. No doubt that Kaabo has kept manufactured Mantis 8 with gradual acceleration paired with reliable brakes; this makes Mantis 8 are the perfect pick for beginners. KaaboUSA Mantis8 is an ideal fit for you if you are looking for a light weight rider.

Mantis 8 indeed provides a thrilling ride experience in terms of both range and speed. Not only this, you can further personalize your ride. Kaabo not only focuses on selling their e-scooters but also plays a vital role in protecting the environment-friendly rides for the daily Commute and promoting the trend of E-scooters. Overall, Kaabo E-scooters reflect innovation,

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