Kaia Ra’s Humble Beginnings to Best-Selling Author

Spirituality is often overlooked as a real solution in our modern world for approaching our problems in a new way. Many people feel skeptical about spirituality and unsure about where to even begin. Yet, that doesn’t minimize the importance of what spirituality can offer us in these extreme times. Spirituality is about opening and following your own heart. You should always rely upon the inner voice of your own experience first and then seek guidance from people who hold spirituality in high regard. Kaia Ra is one such spiritual leader whose teachings guide you towards the voice of your own heart and how to embody your Higher Self. She wrote the best-selling book, The Sophia Code® with the sole intention to help others reclaim their unique healing path of spirituality. Kaia Ra is a prominent figure in the global spiritual community and her extraordinary and non-conventional teaching approach has made her an international Divine Feminine leader.

Kaia Ra began her spiritual offering as a private healing practitioner helping people from many different walks of life to connect with the angelic and heavenly realms. Her work was deeply influenced by her natural psychic gifts and a compassion cultivated from surviving the many atrocities of her childhood. After facing so many painful experiences, it became her greatest desire to help others heal from their own traumatic memories. In 2009, Kaia Ra experienced a life changing encounter with the Divine Mother of all life, who she calls ‘Sophia’. During that encounter, Sophia asked her to write The Sophia Code®, an important spiritual book that took 7 years to complete. Kaia dedicated her heart and soul to birthing this information that includes key teachings for anchoring heavenly consciousness on Earth. She spent most of her thirties in relative solitude, focused entirely on completing this work and preparing to serve many people after its release.

Kaia Ra is now internationally known as the Oracle for ‘The Sophia Dragon Tribe®’, who are  Ascended Master teachers featured in The Sophia Code®. Drawing upon her university training in the fine arts, literature, writing, and computer programming, her ability to channel the teachings of this codex offers a rich visual tapestry for the reader to download her spiritual teachings. Six months after The Sophia Code’s release, Kaia Ra founded ‘The Sophia Code Mystery School’ for guiding students through the many transformational teachings of the book. Her students often refer to her as a ‘midwife for leaders’. She is a fluid guide for both people who are new to the spiritual realm, as well as, advanced spiritualists aspiring to grow more.

As Kaia Ra says: “The Sophia Code is not a book that simply teaches, it transmits understanding.” It is a life changing book from the Ascended Masters and Sophia that Kaia Ra has worked hard to share with us as a new approach to the importance of spirituality. It is clear how these Ascended Masters treated Kaia Ra as an equal, which shows just how evolved her spirit is, and how we are all ready to evolve with these teachers as well. The Sophia Code is an invitation for us to explore our highest potential through spirituality, just as Kaia Ra did to help many people worldwide.

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