Karrell Rogers Inspires Success in the Face of Difficulties

Life’s challenges can be daunting even for the most capable of people.

Life’s challenges can be daunting even for the most capable of people. It takes a lot of courage to weather all the storms on the path to achievement. Karrell Rogers has had more than his fair share of difficulties and, with sheer tenacity, has emerged as an inspiration and a success.

Karrell Maurice Rogers is an upcoming African American artist and CEO of LowLyfe SevenFilmz. The 31-year-old sensation is also a music manager and writer who dabbles in comedy now and again. Right from his birth, his life has been fraught with challenges and hardships. He was born on August 15, 1989, two weeks past his due date as a result of complicationshis umbilical cord wrapped around his neck—and was delivered through an emergency Caesarean section. Sometime after his birth, Karrell was diagnosed with type two grand mal seizure.

The difficulties in his life were relentless, and he was also diagnosed, later on, with schizophrenia and diabetes. Apart from his health problems, Karrell Rogers also had a rough childhood. He constantly had to deal with prejudice and stereotypical judgment because of the environment he grew up in and the color of his skin. In 2003, his life took a traumatic turn when he and his godbrother were wrongly accused of first- and second-degree robbery. Unable to pay the $100,000 bail, the then 13-year-old Rogers was forced to stay in the House of Corrections in Philadelphia, PA.

Despite all that had happened to him, Karrell Rogers never gave up on life or himself. He had a lifelong love for music and dedicated his time in the House of Corrections honing his talent and nursing his dream to one day put out his music to the world. From the moment he was released on probation, Karrell launched into the pursuit of his music career. He received an offer to sign with Bentley Records, but it fell through because he was legally disabled.

Karrell Rogers remained undeterred in his goal. He eventually founded his company, LowLyfe SevenFilmz, and worked with Stage 32 to produce his music. Although his music was not studio-standard, his creative brilliance shone through, earning him the respect and recognition of notable names in the music industry. Through LowLyfe SevenFilmz, he intends to help other struggling artists achieve success and ultimately grow to become an iconic music company.

Notwithstanding his physical disabilities, Karrell Rogers has persevered to have the life he always dreamed of. Fatherhood has been a revelation for Rogers, and according to him, his motivation to keep pushing for success is down to his 9-year-old son, Jay Christopher Rao, who was born with autism. His deepest desire is to be a role model for his son and provide a life where he can get the best opportunities and support he needs.

Karrell Rogers’s life is one of tremendous resilience, and he hopes to share his story with the world, showing that with persistence, great things can emerge out of seemingly hopeless situations and that people with disabilities can have a very productive life. Karrell has set up several fundraising programsmainly on Facebookto help children with schizophrenia and autism. In the coming years, he aspires to be a household name, featured on publications like Forbes. Additionally, Karrell hopes to build a company that helps other disabled community members, giving them a platform to reach their goals.


Written by Garry Logan

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