Kartik Arora is an Indian Entrepreneur and an Inspiration to Many

Since childhood we have been told that we can be successful in our career only when we complete our education and if we failed to do so then we will be referred as an example of failure. But Kartik Arora is among those who proves the fact that education can obviously help you gain knowledge but it is definitely not the only way to determine your success in your career.

Kartik Arora, a 22-year-old boy born and brought up in Agra is a very successful Indian entrepreneur and content creator. After dropping out from medical field, people often warned him that it was a horrible idea to leave such a prestigious college and asked him to continue his studies or he won’t be able to be successful in his career but he proved otherwise.

Kartik is also a Digital marketer, Instagram coach and writer by profession. Over the years, he has worked with more that 100+ brands, from all over the world. He guides those brands on how they can grow their business and help them make the right decision for their growth and development.

As a digital consultant, he has worked with different international and national agencies to help them grow on social media platforms like Instagram.  He is continuously working with budding writers to help them achieve their publicity goals as well.

Initially he was not interested to be a writer but after finding his potential and passion for it he started writing professionally. One of the huge milestones he has ever achieved in his life is that at just 22 years old, he has set a world record to his name as World’s Biggest Anthology.

Kartik Arora aims to motivate the present generation’s youth every single day. He tries to connect with them through his writings and encourages them to strive hard to achieve their goals. He has quite a substantial following of more than 200k followers on his personal Instagram profile and have 1 million+ instagram followers base.

As a content creator, by posting poetry on Instagram he has gained a lot of attention and love from social media users especially from his town and out of love his fanbase likes to call him the “Cutest boy of Agra”.

Kartik has been quite successful in his social media marketing business. He still feels quite surreal that even though being a college dropout he is doing such a great job and has achieved so many things in his life at such a young age.

To know more about Kartik Arora, you can simply follow him on his Instagram page

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