Katie Melissa is Generating Her Clients’ Passive Income With Amazon FBA

Brick and mortar businesses have taken an enormous and somewhat unexpected hit throughout this crazy year of 2020. Whether or not the downfall of traditional businesses was becoming inevitable, it happened a lot sooner than anyone could prepare for – seeing an enormous shift in the retail economy. What was an already booming industry, e-commerce has grown over 30% in 2020 alone, with many shops being shut down and the majority of retailers having to pivot to an online model. 

A well established business owner and leader in the e-commerce industry, Katie Melissa has been capitalising on the abundance of opportunity available online for over 4 years and has continued to do so more than ever this year. Melissa is passionate about living life on her own terms and being able to help others create amazing lives in the process. Having failed multiple times when starting out on her e-commerce journey, she now has the experience to cope with nearly all situations. Melissa is always striving to be better and is constantly adapting to the times, which her latest project certainly has done to a tee. 

Living in an age where we are always trying to make our lives easier, how do you turn an already sound and profitable business model of Amazon FBA into something even better? You automate it. Melissa and her team have taken Amazon their services one step further and done just that, with their latest Amazon Wholesale FBA Automation service, which is now accepting new clients. 

Elite Automation creates hands-off, passive income generating stores, partnering with thousands of the nations hottest name brands, offering fast-selling products on client stores, which generates them passive income every month. Elite Automation’s staff nurtures their clients, helping them to grow their stores, manage all the operations including fulfillment, customer service, accounting, profit and loss statements, brand contract acquisition, and even going as far as to assist with the sale of their store further down the line. 

“We are very hands on with our clients and always strive to stay in direct communication with clients as much as possible. Our service is one of a kind. Amazon FBA stores have no real ceiling and our team intends to scale them as large as we can for our clients,” Melissa explains. Her availability to personally answer questions and her dedicated team of assistants makes her an obvious choice for those looking to sell on Amazon.

Amazon has the potential to make some serious amounts of money, which Melissa has leveraged to create the financial freedom and abundance in her own life, and the lives of many of her clients. Her client’s stores produce six figures per month in revenue on average, after 15 months – more revenue than most people make at a 9-to-5.

Passive income generation is certainly the way of the future, and to learn more about this cutting edge service from Melissa and her tight network of partners and exclusive distributors, visit the Amazon Elite Automation website or find them on the Elite Automation LinkedIn page. 

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