Kbellebeauty: The Road to Success

Kbellebeauty (Kim Hunjan) is a successful hair and beauty entrepreneur from the UK.

Kbellebeauty (Kim Hunjan) is a successful hair and beauty entrepreneur from the UK. Behind the stunning Instagram appearance, she is a dedicated and ambitious businesswoman, she owns several high performing brands including GL hair, formerly known as Glamorous Lengths.

After she obtained her business/computing degree, she wanted more from life and knew she wanted to become an entrepreneur rather than get a job. She visualized what she wanted and made it happen. Over the years, Kim has been working all around the clock to make the most out of her skills. Her skyrocketing sales are testimonials of her incomparable business acumen.

She is proud of her roots, coming from a hardworking family, she has been taught how to stay focused and to keep aiming higher.

With years of hands-on business experience, Kbellebeauty (Kim Hunjan) is famously known for founding GL Hair, one of the leading hair extension brands in the UK. Her GL hair brand is worn by the UK’s top influencers, celebrities and a lot of her clients have flown in from other countries to try GL hair.

What’s New in 2021?

Despite the obvious challenges in 2021, Kim has not wavered in her commitment to serving her customers and take GL hair to the next level. Consequently, she has gone to extra lengths (literally) having launched her new line of GL hair Clip-In hair extensions. Made from human Remy hair, they are already taking the industry by storm. Thick, luxurious, and easy to apply, clients are loving them!

Furthermore, Kim is working on establishing her charity “Hair Dreams”, an NGO that is into the provision of food, water, sanitary products, and other important items for improvised children in India. She is also currently building her new 3-story mega salon that will feature 14 treatment rooms with a selfie area. This is likely to be completed in early 2021 where she will be offering every hair and beauty treatment you can imagine.

The Hair Journey

Kim Hunjan’s journey to becoming one of the biggest hair entrepreneurs in the UK began over 10 years ago. At the time, she noticed that lots of customers were looking for hair extensions but could not get them because of the quality of the market. It was difficult for these customers to get the specific hair thickness, quality, and shade they desired.

To fill the existing gap and take care of the needs of these teeming customers, Kim started her journey by researching and testing samples of hair continuously until it was perfect. This series of events birthed GL Hair. After exploring the market and sourcing high-quality products, she started selling her hair extensions to various customers around the country, this expanded and grew until people worldwide were buying her hair because of the reputation. If you are looking for the largest selection of Remy human hair extension shades in the United Kingdom, GL hair has it all. Her company sells a huge selection of hair extensions from 18” to 24”, different thicknesses and shades to suit everyone.

Today, GL ensures that all clients can get hair extensions that fit their budget and needs. Despite the affordability of Kim’s products, you can rest assured that the quality is uncompromised. Alongside her hair extensions, she has also developed her own products, tools and aftercare range including GL hair extension shampoo and conditioner. GL Hair’s slogan is “Love the hair you wear”. This slogan represents that the hair really does make the person. It is 90% of your selfie after all, so it should always look fantastic!

GL hair currently employs a large team of loyal staff, Kim has transformed the lives of numerous people via her hair and beauty companies. Her team of dedicated staff works within their head office in London, England ensuring that orders are dispatched 6 days a week on time. Of course, Kim has faced innumerable problems on the road to successful hair business. Nonetheless, her belief, skills, and passion have kept her going in the face of the challenges. She now has a “can-do” attitude whereby nothing phases her.

Influencing the World Around Her

Apart from her businesses, Kim is also a social media influencer. She has a large number of loyal followers on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. This is where she keeps in touch with all types of people to ensure her brand is always at the forefront and ahead of its competitors.

In addition, Kim has invested heavily in the UK’s real estate market by purchasing properties in the UK. This is where she has spent most of her money, securing her future.

Considering her popularity and social media influence in the hair extension market, it does not come as a surprise that Kim has talked on many stages as a public speaker. At these events, she talks extensively about the importance of haircare, trichology, beauty, and sharing knowledge on her successful hair brand.


Kim Hunjan’s contribution to the hair market has not gone unnoticed as she has won several awards. Her innovativeness, creativity, and knowledge have been greatly applauded by many individuals.

Additionally, Kim has featured on TV and print media including publications such as Glamour, Cosmopolitan, This Morning, national newspapers, and beauty magazines.

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Written by Garry Logan

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