Kind of ironic, isn’t it? That the indian decade that is hailed as golden is actually black and white? All photography and cinema of that era holds a timeless charm yet always adorns the quintessential features of the fifties and sixties.

Over the years many photographers have tried – and failed – to recreate those snapshots. More often than not, rather than looking like a black and white photograph, it is a photograph with the black and white filter slapped on. Some are gauche cosplays of the yesteryears and some just seem misplaced misfired shots.

What many fail to recognise is, that to take the viewer back in time one doesn’t have to make the models wear costumes or make them pose like caricatures.

The beauty of black and white photography lies in its simplicity. To make the most of things at hand, to hold one’s natural expression and on the photographer’s end – always take the black and white shot keeping in mind that the end result will be in grey scale, if they plan on just using a filter in post and make adjustments – maybe reconsider.

Therefore, it was surprising and refreshing to come across Tejpal Nagi’s work.

We have been familiar with Nagi and his work for a while now, but recently we noticed how he’s bringing back black and white to fashion photography.

His Instagram handle showcases his newfound expertise in vintage recreation and black and white photography.

The 36-year-old has put a lot of time and effort into the delivery and execution of his recent works and all of it is very apparent at just one glance.

We were amazed by Nagi’s beautiful photography and were compelled to reach out to him and enquire why he chose such a tricky theme for his recent work, and he told us, “My focus has always been to work on new themes & concepts focusing on bringing out the best of my creativity. I love to experiment & put things together with effort & hard work. My contribution will always involve doing & bringing different creative ideas & executing to see Indian Fashion Industry boom.”.

You can see Tejpal Nagi’s work for yourself on his Instagram account –

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