Key Life Lessons from Inside Pauly Long’s MineSet Community

Pauly Long’s self-proclaimed purpose in life is to create an abundance of happiness for others. He wants to positively affect the lives of billions – and he’s on his way. With these lofty goals in mind, Pauly created MineSet, a community-based series of programs. Within this community, Pauly motivates and educates people to change their mindset from victim to victor. Not only does he give them the tools to make the switch, but he also teaches them how to do what he does; Pauly runs a multi-million dollar business from his phone and is his own boss.

So what kid of mindset shifts have to happen to become a successful entrepreneur like Pauly? Let’s dive deeper into some of his key lessons.

Stay humble but hungry.

The thing about success is that it’s fleeting. It must be nurtured. If you’ve had one win, it will not automatically turn into more. Sure, celebrate the win – but don’t get too comfortable. Keep pushing. You must stay hungry in order to have continuous, long term success. In fact, one of Pauly’s favorite quotes is from Winston Churchill, “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” In other words, just like one success doesn’t define you, neither does one failure. It is an ongoing effort that will set you apart.

Success is where vision and hard work meet.

To have success in business, you must know what you want. Having a vision means you have a tangible goal, with an actionable plan to get there. You have to define your goals, take time thinking about what steps you must take to get there, and understand why it is so important to you.

Once you have your vision, you can’t just sit around wishing and hoping for it to happen. You have to put in the hours. Pauly teaches how to stay consistent and positive – as he says, things will work out as long as you work for them. If you truly want to reach the goals you set for yourself, the hard work won’t seem so hard.

Perception rules all.

It’s incredibly important to have a positive mindset when building a business. With a positive mindset comes a certain way of perceiving things. For example, Pauly teaches that the word “no” means it’s time to move on to the next opportunity. If you get hung up on every no, you’ll never make it. Each no is just a step closer to the next yes. He says that fear is false events appearing real. There’s very little that you should realistically fear – most of the fears we have are made up in our heads. When you finally realize this, you’ll set yourself free of worry. This is part of how Pauly himself stays so enthusiastic and positive.

Trust your gut.

Finally, Pauly teaches that you must trust your gut. This is what he did when he broke himself free of the victim mindset he found himself living in at age 27. He knew he couldn’t keep living this way and needed to make a change. His gut was telling him he had a greater purpose. It was telling him that he could help people around the world. It told him that he could help other people be happy by teaching them how to reset their mindsets. He teaches others to shape their mindset around abundance and growth. His students learn to trust their gut and understand that it will only take them closer to their goals. This, combined with vision and hard work are Pauly’s keys to success.

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