Sometimes, missing opportunities and even postponing goals in the face of excuses is often an indicator of fear. The fear of embarking on a new path, venturing into a new project, and even starting a new job can be intimidating and cause people to freeze. However, the ability to manage these aspects comes to differentiate someone successful from others. It is this same ability that has set the entrepreneur Korab Kozgori apart.

A finance specialist by profession, Kozgori has been in business for a long time. However, he has managed to climb different facets of it, in which he has had an outstanding success, because of his ability to go after his goals, even when the circumstances around him do not seem the most encouraging.

Kozgori is a Yulogasso, whose name comes from the mountain. This young man lived during his childhood and youth in three different countries, although he never left his home. It is the greatest memory that he has of his life. In the middle of the war, Yugoslavia was called Serbia, then the country changed its name again and is known as Kosovo.

This anecdote allowed him to understand this young man of great maturity, that it doesn’t matter where you come from, but where you are going. And this is what has allowed him to constantly move forward in search of his purpose. Making the latter even greater than any excuse in his path.

From his youth, he was characterized by a great vision of the life he desired. That is why, after 17 years in Yugoslavia, he decided to go to the United States, enter the university, and become the pride of his family.

You are Responsible for Your Destiny

If there is something that Kozgori has learned throughout his experience, it is that each person is the owner and responsible for himself. As much of its actions, as of its achievements and failures. Throughout his business and personal journey, he claims to have different situations in which things were not easy. However, he points out that each decision was solely his responsibility.

He assures that it is necessary, as a businessman and as a person, to have the capacity to take the reins of your life, of your decisions, and of the actions that you take. For this is what will lead the way to what you want to be and where you want to go.

When he was a senior in college, he had the opportunity to carry out his first venture, a clothing line whose subsequent success was impressive. After maintaining an outstanding promotion for eight years, a renowned European company decided to make him the most attractive offer to acquire the brand. After this achievement, he decided to go with his family to Peru where he would spend his retirement.

Never Stop Growing and Believing

To think that Kozgori’s decision to retire and rest is a mistake. A person with his entrepreneurial spirit and growth does not stop so easily. The retirement he had taken was short lived. Then, in the company of his family, he decided it was time to start again.

He moved to Colombia, where, without experience and without knowing anyone, he became a founder of one of the largest financial groups in the Spanish speaking world: Delta. A consolidated company dedicated to network marketing.

His development in the industry has been more than outstanding. Thanks to his leadership capacity, his confidence, and potential, Kozgori has managed to become Chairman 25 within the company. Also, he has a group of thousands of people who have decided to transform their lives and go in search of their personal and business growth.

Reaching this point on the road showed him that each of his goals is possible if he can visualize, trust, and work to achieve them. None of the excuses or obstacles that appear along the way will have any place if you are truly focused on your goals. And that is what this man works daily to convey to every person close to him.Opinions expressed here are the opinions of the author. Influencive does not endorse or review brands mentioned; does not and can not investigate relationships with brands, products, and people mentioned and is up to the author to disclose. VIP Contributors and Contributors, amongst other accounts and articles, are professional fee-based.