Kronoz Technologies Co-Founders Disrupt the Lead Generation Using a Vertical Search Engine to Assist Local Businesses

After years of experience in the local service industry, entrepreneurs Yasemin Eron and Alexander Gavares have pinpointed issues that affect businesses and consumers the most. The two were so confident that they could offer a solution and grow the local economy they left college to create their vision. 

The co-founders of Kronoz explain that out of a sample size of 7,361 businesses, 88% of them do not have a way to book online, and out of the ones that do, less than 20% list their services with upfront pricing. 

Kronoz adds that 35% of customers prefer to schedule appointments outside of business hours. 28% of small businesses don’t have a website at all and 1 in 4 customers under the age of 35 will only book appointments online. By providing vertical results and business profiles, consumers quickly gain a deeper understanding of a business. 

Grow Your Business

Eron and Gavares explain that by disrupting the current lead generation, they can lead consumers to specific businesses in the area. Kronoz is a communications platform connected to dozens of providers. In just a few taps, or with a simple voice command, potential customers can connect to a wide variety of online and local services where they can book, compare prices, and get things done.

Businesses sign up for free, get leads, and grow their business. Businesses who join the communications platform get accurate data, real-time collaboration, and end-to-end integrations. Your profile will show up and get matched with customers in your area for free. Get your business to show up at the right time, so it’s easy to find when customers need your services. Stop bidding on leads and start seeing results. 

Find Businesses You Can Trust

Search the online platform and get matched with local providers to book services offered with upfront pricing and easily manage custom jobs. The local markets offered include automotive, education, beauty and wellness, financial, home & business, fitness, medical appointments, and professional services. Kronoz will book the service for you so that you can save time, money, and energy.

Kronoz local businesses have passed background, insurance, and license checks. They offer a money-back guarantee for all the services provided. If they do not complete the job or service to your satisfaction, Kronoz will issue you a refund.

The co-founders of Kronoz state, “We have done over one million dollars in services within our first 9 months of launching the platform. We just want consumers to find and engage with local businesses confidently, knowing that we offer fully vetted local professionals, upfront pricing and easy scheduling.” 

Book Local Services and Save

Kronoz will book you a local service and save you money. Get it done right or Kronoz pays you back. Kronoz local businesses offer services protected by a money-back guarantee. Either they do the job right or you get your money back. Find businesses you can trust. All Kronoz local businesses have passed background, insurance, and license checks. 

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