Kyle Gonzales And His Passion For Diverse Industries

Kyle Gonzales has an illustrious career as an organizer for high-profile events in South Florida and other nearby cities and states. He has experience in not only event planning but social media, real estate, and networking as well. How did Kyle Gonzales create this incredible career? It started with a leap of faith.

Originally from Tennessee, Kyle moved to South Florida with nothing but $300 and a dream. He didn’t know anyone but had faith in his ability to find an incredible opportunity.

Kyle didn’t let the limited resources he had to limit his ability to become successful in whatever field he could use his skills. He landed a job at SALT7 as a waiter but started to demonstrate his ability to create an impactful social media presence for the establishment. This earned him a job as the restaurant’s social media manager. Using his incredible marketing skills, the SALT7 outlet he worked for surged in popularity, and his social media management career started taking off. He found his niche beyond the restaurant and started helping Bravo and VH1 stars with growing their social media.

Kyle also ventured into the event planning business, where he was able to curate incredible experiences and events for celebrities and South Florida hot spots. His numerous years of experience in this field earned him multiple awards and accolades.

Things quickly changed when the COVID-19 pandemic shook the world. With the encouragement of his mother, Kyle decided to pursue earning his real estate license. He became a real estate agent for the agency called Luxuré Real Estate and instantly started to use his skills and sphere of influence to rebrand himself. Kyle developed a passion for homes and integrated it into his love for socializing with people. Selling homes became quite easy for him as he had already built a solid network from his other jobs.

Unfortunately, another hardship came Kyle’s way. His mom passed away, causing a wave of grief to wash over him. While this was a challenging time in his life, Kyle was still able to keep his professional life afloat. He’s always been fully committed to his company and clients, and that shone through even at the darkest times.

Since then, Kyle’s career has been back on track. He even found a way to combine his real estate career and golden touch on social media. All clients who buy a house from Kyle get 6 months of award-winning social media branding or event planning. His skills in event planning are inspired, in part, by Mindy Weiss. She’s a powerhouse in the industry and is truly someone to emulate. As far as real estate, it’s safe to say that Kyle might be the only agent in South Florida with this generous offer, which is only for a limited time.

In the future, Kyle hopes to have ten brokerages of his own while keeping his involvement in social media marketing and events. He’s also planning to build a company that encompasses all the fields that he’s passionate about. People can check his social media pages and connect with him via email to know more about his services.

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