Kyy Stacks is Turning Her Dreams into Reality as She Pursues Her Rap Career

Female Rapper Kyy Stacks is creating a new reality for herself and her music career.

The Bronx of New York City is home to up-and-coming female rapper Kyy Stacks. Ever since Kyy Stack was a child, she can remember music playing a significant role in her life. Whether it was listening to her mother sing the music she would always play throughout the house or working on her own music, she was constantly surrounded by the art. As time went on, she fell more and more in love with music and is now taking her stab at becoming one of the industry’s biggest names.

Where Kyy Stacks comes from, people resort to illegal activities and vices that come with being from a low-income community within the society we live in today. Instead of falling into the trap that so many around her do, she decided that she wanted more for herself and is using her talents to pursue a career in the music industry.

“I have always had people doubting me and bad influences from people in my school and my community,” says Stacks.  While she was hanging around with these bad influences in her neighborhood, she was suspended in High School for hustling and fighting, which is not ideal for anyone. She always faced struggles in her home life and didn’t like the fact that I had to watch my mom raise her and my four siblings by herself. Kyy is determined to create a better life for herself and her family and reassure anyone going through a similar situation that they are not alone.

Kyy wants to be able to tell her story, express her emotions, and give back to her fans that have shown her such tremendous amounts of support throughout her journey. Within her music, she touches on subjects that many of her fans can relate to and pull inspiration from if they find themselves in a similar situation. She wants her audience to know how much she appreciates their support, as she would not be able to do what she loves most without them.

As her career continues to develop, Kyy Stacks knows that it is essential never to lose track of what holds meaning to her. With dreams of becoming a big-time star, moving her family out of the hood, and connecting with her fans on a whole different level, there is no telling just how far this young star’s career could go. Stay tuned as Kyy Stacks continues to pursue her dreams and make big moves in 2021.

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