Lab-Grown Diamonds: The Whats, Whys, and Ifs

Well congratulations, maybe you are thinking of proposing to someone you love and want to spend the rest of your life with him/her. But with the idea comes extensive research for the perfect engagement ring. Well, this might sound like a small task but mind you when you will start searching for the right engagement ring your mind will blow out of proportion. 

Since you are thinking of proposing, you know their style better than anyone else but what you don’t know about is lab-grown diamonds. You have to know and weigh in all of your options to get the perfect wedding ring to surprise your partner and this is one of your options.

What is a lab-grown diamond?

The most frequently asked question is whether a lab-grown diamond is real, which it is. A lab-grown diamond is basically when all the conditions required to create a naturally occurring diamond are replicated in a lab with advanced technology and voila! a diamond. They are suspected of certification in the same process as naturally occurring diamonds so you have nothing to worry about while buying a lab grown diamond rings. Since you know what they are, let’s take you through why you should go for them.

Benefits of Lab Grown Diamonds

Quality– Lab-grown diamonds are higher in quality than naturally occurring ones. Yes, you read it right. Though it seems hard to believe, this is because these diamonds do not contain impurities in them as natural ones do. These diamonds are created in a controlled environment so they are better with fewer defects. Natural occurring diamonds are real but it does not mean that lab-grown diamonds are anyway inferior in quality and shine. 

Cost– These diamonds are cheaper because it takes a lesser number of people to obtain. This means you can get a bigger diamond, a better metal, or a custom design with the money that you would save. Natural diamonds are costly because it takes a lot of effort, resources, and hardship of people to bring them to the stores whereas lab-grown diamonds are created in a controlled environment with less utilization of resources. Hence they are more pocket friendly. 

Guilt factor– One of the main reasons why lab grown diamond rings are gaining popularity is the legitimacy in their creation or obtaining. With the rise of humanitarian and environmental consciousness, it is becoming clear that diamond mining is mostly unethical. Child labor, oppressed labor, emission of fossil fuels, clearing of trees, etc are some of the main problems with diamond mining. You can never be sure your diamond is coming from a corrupt mining company. A lab-grown diamond can get rid of all that doubt. So by buying a lab-grown diamond you are putting a stop to all those child labor, oppression, and environmental damages. 

Hope we have presented an alternative option that will make your partner extremely happy. Lab-grown diamond is no lesser than a natural diamond and you will realize it once you opt for it.  

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