Lauren Dascalo is the Ultimate Instagram Role Model

The world of social media is oversaturated. Influencers are coming from all corners, pushing forward different messages. Lauren Dascalo, however, is different and she has managed to cut through the noise with her unique personality and skills.

Dascalo is a 22-year-old fitness model and influencer from California. She looks like the ultimate sporty girl and encourages her followers to live a healthy lifestyle and to believe in themselves.

Having almost a million followers, Lauren is mindful of the fact that she has the power to make an impact. She uses that privilege wisely.

Lauren Dascalo first dipped her toe in the world of social media as part of Jake Paul’s TEAM 10. This marked the official beginning of her career and allowed her to foster new friendships that turned out to be pivotal for her growth.

Lauren posts valuable content online that helps her followers believe in themselves and push their limits. She doesn’t want to be just another pretty girl on the Internet; she wants to make a difference.

Dascalo has big plans for the future. She feels like she has a lot to contribute in the form of online coaching, e-books, and mindset training. She would also like to explore the opportunity of creating her own fitness clothing line. To date, Lauren has landed some high-profile collaborations with brands like Pretty Little Thing, Fashion Nova, and Revolve.

Fitness modeling is something that comes naturally to Dascalo. She has always been interested in wellness, and social media has allowed her to share that passion with countless people as well as grow in ways she never thought possible. She was lucky to discover her niche early on. For anybody still trying to find their perfect niche, she advises them to see what feels natural.

Dascalo always leads with her personality. She strives to be 100% authentic in everything she does. “Nobody else will be the same as you, ever. So capitalize on that and follow your instincts,” she advises.

Fans love Dascalo’s content because it is extremely relatable. She posts things such as the meals she eats, her precise workouts, fashion tips, and mental health updates. Dascalo believes that conversations about mental health are vital.

Dascalo isn’t afraid to be vulnerable in front of her audience, which is a true breath of fresh air in the oversaturated world of Instagram. The entrepreneur wants to create a platform for people to become the best versions of themselves and feel truly inspired instead of just going through the motions each day.

For Dascalo, the choice is clear; she loves fitness, fashion, and social media, and that’s what she wants to do. “When you find your niche, you’ll most likely need to abandon your previous career,” she says, adding, “You can’t possibly split your attention in too many directions.”

Dascalo advises her followers to always have a vision for the future. If they do, they are a lot more likely to succeed. She isn’t afraid to pursue her own vision and bring it to life.

She remains optimistic no matter what comes her way. A firm believer in building a team, Dascalo likes to surround herself with good people so that she doesn’t have to do it alone. “Don’t believe people who say that they’ve achieved everything by themselves. There’s usually a team involved and that is completely okay,” she remarks.

When evaluating who to hire, Dascalo looks for like-minded people who have a drive and relentless passion. She wants loyal teammates and people who are great communicators and can easily adapt to change.

When it comes to the competition, Lauren is never worried. She simply lets her bright personality shine through the camera. She isn’t trying to impress anyone by changing herself, and that is why her fans love her so much.

Dascalo is also very mindful of how she chooses her brand partnerships. “I’ve turned down multiple projects when they haven’t aligned with my core essence and beliefs,” she admits. To her, it doesn’t matter how much money is on the table; she prefers to go with her gut and do the things she truly loves.

The sky is the limit for Lauren Dascalo. She has big dreams and precise strategies for tackling those and making them come true.

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