Leading Activewear And Supplement Brand Muscle Nation Is Community-Conscious

Business and community. The two notions may seem like polar opposites to some who find themselves rooted in a 20th-century separation of life and commerce. But for the world’s most successful business people, one is always essential for the other.

Today, the world’s largest communities lie online, where the potential participants are limitless, and brand reach is transnational. Therefore, grasping the sense of community on a local, global and digital scale must be the aspiration of all modern brands.

Nathaniel Anthony and Chris Anastasi, founders of @MuscleNation, may view this statement as preaching to the converted. As industry leaders in the Australian activewear, supplements, and health food business, the pair have built their brand up organically since 2016.

Now, their eyes are firmly fixated on the possibilities of international expansion, observing the community-driven success they have cultivated at home as replicable in foreign markets, especially in the digital age.

It’s simple enough to repeat the word ‘community’, but the democratization and natural traction of modern trending progress are likely apparent to the many who have attempted a start-up in the past couple of years. What makes Muscle Nation’s approach different is the attention to detail they implement in every corner of their growing support base.

The most significant stop on the road to communal prosperity is the influence of, well, influencers. Maintaining the correct relationship with online figures is pivotal in generating true public adoption of a brand or product.

“Our ambassadors in Australia are like a big family to us,” Anthony states. “The next step is finding influencers in the US that fit our culture and suit our vision.” Having their foot in the proverbial digital door online is the necessary first step for conquering the American market, too.

Influencers lead to new community members, which means more people for Muscle Nation to engage with online. Paying attention to those who keep the brand growing means that when new products are released, they’re already tailored to the community’s demands.

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