Leading International Campaigner, Influencer, and Speaker Sandy Idigibe on How to Be a Leader

Sandy Idigibe is a leading youth campaigner and activist based in the UK. She’s a name to know. Having been profiled and interviewed by major outlets such as the BBC and ITV, Sandy is becoming a leading voice when it comes to equality and helping the underdog. She has led major campaigns in the UK, such as youth unemployment, knife crime, and helping those in poverty. Having been invited to speak across the world at major events like the World Economic Forum and the UK House of Lords, Sandy knows a thing or two about being a leader. Sandy has been awarded an MBA in the New Year’s Honors List for her work on youth campaigning and equality.

According to Sandy, being a leader is all about mindset and confidence. Everyone has to start somewhere, and Sandy, coming from a humble background, has faced adversity to get where she is today. She has led on issues including knife crime in the UK and founded several successful businesses. She has worked with the UK government and met the Prime Minister on several occasions to discuss issues of youth and equality matters in society.

Being a leader is all about being a team player, according to Sandy. Leaders are collaborative, inclusive, and team-oriented. Whatever Sandy is campaigning on, she ensures she develops cohesion and works together in a collaborative environment.

According to Sandy, it’s important to admit when you are wrong and see others’ points of view. It takes a strong, confident person to do this. Sandy says that people often think that if you admit you’re in the wrong, it’s a sign of weakness; however, it’s the opposite. Leaders are honest and know the power of being respected.

Another trait of leadership, especially when campaigning, is being optimistic and upbeat. Having such an attitude can be a source of inspiration for followers. If leaders come across as discouraged, according to Sandy, followers can become uninspired and disinterested. It’s important to stay positive when the going gets tough, according to Sandy. This does not mean seeing things through rose-colored glasses. It simply means maintaining a sense of optimism and hope in the face of adversity.

Being kind and compassionate is another trait of leadership according to Sandy. Sandy emphasises how the ancient Romans understood that love conquers all. Love your followers, love your country, and love those you serve and you’ll have discovered the secret of great leadership.

Finally, Sandy understands the power of being a mentor, rather than a preacher. People these days are interested in growth, learning, and development; they want to know how they can do better and find their own path in life.

As a leader when it comes to equality and youth rights, Sandy’s job is to mentor them, guide them, and support them. At the end of the day, it’s the journey that matters in life.

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