Egyptian Model Katia Jundi on Her Passion for Luxe Style and Philanthropy

Modeling can be about more than just having a pretty face. It’s about having the determination to keep going despite facing challenges and a passion for the products you’re showcasing. Katia Jundi has risen through the ranks by using her influence and is currently one of the top five most popular models in the Middle East.

Katia Jundi is an influencer and model who provides a Middle Eastern perspective to the modeling world. She has over 47,000 followers on her Instagram, where she posts her outfits and insider looks at her fashion shoots. In one photo, she’s shown in a swimming pool wearing a luxury ball gown. “That was such a fun shoot,” Jundi says. “I love doing unique shoots and being able to talk to the photographer about my vision. I choose shoots that can really highlight what I have to offer.” She also has a whole folder of Instagram Stories that show behind-the-scene footage of her photoshoots.

She has a passion for watches and shows them off in her pictures often. She works with IWC and other watchmakers to highlight their brands. “I’m passionate about luxury and craftsmanship,” she said. “I love to wear high-end outfits, jewelry, and watches that showcase my sense of style.”

Jundi’s career is currently booming. She was selected by Georg Jensen, a British silversmithing company, to be their spokesperson due to her values and how she represented the brand’s style. She is also part of Mercedes-Benz’s She’s Mercedes campaign, which paired luxury cars with ambitious women in their fields. In her video, Jundi talks about how she successfully blends her business and private lives and gives inspiring insights.

She works to portray her values in her modeling career as well. Jundi is an ambassador of SOS Children’s Villages, a non-government organization that provides care, education, and health services to over 78,000 children in 136 countries. “I travel around the world working with these children,” she said. “I like to take pictures on my travels to remind me what it’s like for these kids. I post about this cause because I know people follow me for my looks, but maybe I can persuade them to donate their time or money to a good cause.”

Lots of people can show off pretty dresses online and become social media influencers. However, Katia Jundi is different, offering high fashion as well as philanthropy to her followers.

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