Leo Olsen Guillot’s Journey to Becoming a Top-Notch Social Media Consultant

Leo Olsen Guillot's

It started with repairing broken iPhones at 16, moved on to running a marketing agency at 18, and making his first million at 19. That’s Leo Olsen Guillot’s journey as an entrepreneur. He started Mastermind.com, a consulting agency that he scaled into a seven-figure company. Later on, he created Starteo, a tech software aimed at simplifying the process of selling products, building high-converting funnels, and using analytics to boost sales

Today, Leo isn’t just a business kingpin; he is now a social media consultant for various companies. He uses his practical experience to solve social media marketing problems to help startups achieve the success they deserve. But how did a champion entrepreneur also become a sought-after consultant? Leo shares his side of the story.

Focusing on his strengths

When Leo founded Starteo in 2017, he needed a business partner and co-founder. Why? Because Leo didn’t know anything about software development. He needed an expert who could handle the technical side while he would manage sales and marketing. The key takeaway from this is to focus on your strengths and not on your weaknesses.

Each time he consults with a client, Leo tries to figure out the strengths of his products or services. Why or what would interest the target audience to pay attention to those products? Leo even advises entrepreneurs to make a list of features of their products or services that make them stand out from their competitors. 

He says, “If you can focus on your strengths, you will find ways to manage your weaknesses also. My biggest lesson in life was when I started Starteo. I didn’t want to waste time learning software or web development. Instead, I appointed a partner who was an expert in this field. The same goes for consulting. When I talk to my clients, I ask why your customers will buy your product. Their answers help me advise them on what they can do to promote their business and present their weaknesses differently.”

Try to lead, not follow

One of the reasons why Leo’s career as a social media consultant is growing quickly is because his methods are different from his competitors. This is partly due to his vast experience in social media marketing and partly because he doesn’t want to follow what others do. Leo thinks that anyone can become a follower, but it takes time, patience, and effort to become a leader. He is a leader and not a follower. Becoming a follower doesn’t differentiate you from a crowd. If you want to make an impact in your industry, you must stand out.

Leo’s years of experience in social media marketing now helps him identify the marketing problems that many startups face. Maybe some of them are uploading posts at the wrong time or uploading too many posts in a day. Leo is sure that you can work towards a solution slowly once you find the root cause of your problem.

His clients thank him for changing their fortunes with different social media promotion strategies. It shows that watching the industry from a customer’s perspective can benefit businesses in more ways than one. That’s the foundation of his consultation services that make him different from other consultants.

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