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Leon Budrow: The Multi-Talented Performer Dominating the East Coast Entertainment Scene 

From “small town” to “big stage.”

An hour east of the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, lies a small town that claims a population of just under a thousand residents. This is Douglassville, Pennsylvania, and it is home to a multi-talented entertainer breaking his way into the music world. After finding success in various fields of performance and entertainment, Leon Budrow is focusing on turning his music dreams into a reality while inspiring others along the way. 

Budrow was born to a moderately sized family, the oldest of five children. Growing up in the meek Pennsylvania town, Budrow has risen to the top of the hypothetical “Most Famous People from Douglassville” list in a rather quick fashion due to his past few years of work. An achieved athlete in high school, he grew a dedication for fitness and began working at the local GNC.

Upon his high school graduation in 2009, Budrow opted to forgo formal secondary education and began to pursue a career in his first passion. While working his way to franchise district manager at GNC, Budrow also began modeling and competing in professional fitness events throughout Philadelphia and its surrounding suburbs. The exposure he received from these jobs earned him a position with Philadelphia’s Male revue company, Hunk-O-Mania, and a few small roles in recent movies and television shows.

However, from a young age, Budrow had a desire for music. “I knew at a very early age that I wanted to make music,” he shared. Budrow continued, “I would watch some of my favorite artists performing on tv and think to myself how awesome it would be to do that one day.” The problem he had to overcome, though, was figuring out how to start.

Budrow began taking vocal and guitar lessons out of high school, and he even took a stab at recording a few original songs that, he says, turned out to be failures. “Much later on, in 2017, I met someone at work who referred me to a studio a little way out from me.  I very impulsively decided to book a session, and that session marked the beginning of all of my recorded projects,” Leon shared. The impulse decision to begin recording again paid off for Budrow, as he began booking gigs opening up for major artists when they would come through Philadelphia, including Aaron Carter and Ghostface Killer. 

The life of a performer that Budrow chose to pursue was not the easiest route for him to commit to. “I think the most challenging situations can really be broken down into categories of life such as personal life, business, etc. – but overall, I’d say in general the biggest challenge I’ve overcome has been my overcoming of social anxiety.”

Even with the desire to become an entertainer, Budrow had a fear of public speaking. As he came to defeat his anxiety, Leon was often told he was not the right build to be a dancer or model, but once again, he overcame the doubt instilled by others. “When facing criticism and adversity, always just keep working on yourself because as long as you don’t give up and are always giving your best and looking to improve, you will always keep moving forward,” Budrow shared.

Now, Budrow is riding the success of his high caliber performances and the release of a few recent singles. His music is a blend of pop and hip-hop that often incorporates various other genres from song to song. Due out at the start of 2021, Budrow’s newest full-length project, Iridium, will further showcase his musical abilities. The project will include dance tracks, R&B inspired tracks, and will even feature the Philadelphia artist’s own attempt at the new pop-country trend currently taking over the music industry. 

You can keep up with the multi-talented Leon Budrow by checking out his website and following him on Instagram and Spotify.

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