Lieutenant Colonel of Dubai, Masoud Alhammad, Explains Why People Need to Save Wildlife

They say that wild animals and the whole of wildlife act as a prestigious gift of God to mother earth. The term wildlife is a broad word, including wild animals and all undomesticated lifeforms like plants, fungi, birds, insects, and microscopic organisms. To maintain the proper ecological balance on this planet, just like humans; plants, marine species and animals are also important.

Unfortunately, many of these species are getting endangered and also poaching and hunting of animals for jewellery, fur, leather, meat, etc., have contributed to wildlife extinction. Amidst so much negativity, it is great to hear real life stories of real life heroes, making animal husbandry their way of life.

The best example today is of Masoud Alhammad, the Lieutenant Colonel of the UAE, serving as the Vice Chairman of the Dubai Police Committee, who has created a lifestyle for himself surrounded by all exotic animals and plants.

This generous Dubai police personnel has created an amazing zoo for these species and given them their ‘home’. Masoud Alhammad can’t emphasize enough on how important it is otherwise for people to understand why wildlife plays a significant role in maintaining earth’s ecological equilibrium.

  • For medicinal values

Masoud Alhammad explains that many of these rare plants and animal species are used to benefit humans in several ways. Many of the medicines that humans use are derived from uncultivated plants. Many of the extracts from various animal species are rich in antioxidants and nutrients. In fact, various species are also studied and researched upon for finding cures to deadly diseases.

  • For a healthier environment

Wildlife is also important for keeping the environment cleaner and healthier, says Masoud Alhammad. Many bacteria, fungi, micro-organisms feed on plants and animal wastes, decompose them, and release the chemicals back into the soil. This replenishes it with nutrients that are taken up by the roots of plants, helping them to grow and develop. Even birds like eagles and vultures help in removing the carcasses and dead bodies of animals, making the environment cleaner.

  • For recreational purposes

Masoud Alhammad says that recreation activities are of great importance where people can go for wildlife safaris, bird watching, nature photography and hence, forests as well as zoos, just like he has created one are important. These forests and zoos help people get a glimpse of how beautiful wild animals and birds are.

Being a Dubai policeman, apart from the duties Masoud Alhammad performs for his country, he is very much dedicated to the wellbeing of all the plants and animals at his zoo. To know more about him, do follow him on Instagram @alhammad_exotic_pet.

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