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Life Coach Alessandro Cassano on How to Manifest the Best Results

He has dedicated much of his time to share a lifestyle focused on physical and mental health to achieve real results.

Innovating and standing out in any area where you work is what will make the difference. Life coach Alessandro Cassano is aware of this. And, for this reason, he has dedicated much of his time to share with others a lifestyle focused on physical and mental health to achieve real results.

However, several aspects have managed to distinguish Cassano in the wide world of fitness. From his constant preparation, updating, and growth in knowledge, to the charisma, passion, and dedication that he leaves behind in each of the steps, he has made his own mark throughout his career.

More than seeing his career as a job, Cassano emphasizes that it is a mission, which he constantly fulfills with absolute dedication, passion, and commitment. This gives him greater opportunity to enjoy wide recognition and share experiences with important figures such as Serie A players like Marco Marchionni, Amauri, and Gianni Munari, among others.

Beginning the Journey

Since he was a child, Cassano had already shown his talent in sports. He started with the practice of Karate until he obtained a black belt in just a short time. Later on, he had the opportunity to learn about Wing Tsun, a practice that made him fall in love and led him to get certified for it.

He advanced even managed to become a self-defense trainer, and later became a personal trainer. Until this moment, Cassano felt great satisfaction in being able to develop his passion. However, he intended to continue, to make a difference.

One by One

One of the aspects that most distinguish his work is his focus on each person individually. For this trainer, the needs of each of his clients are different. In this process, the training method changes as well.

This has allowed him to differentiate himself from the rest, thanks to the “one to one” lessons. On the other hand, he continued his professional training, obtaining degrees as a specialist in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP,) specialization in metabolic fitness, slimming, and functional training for women, and as a life coach.

This modality has brought him great benefits, as it ensures that concentration in each case is essential to achieve real results.

Physical and Mental Support

For Cassano, each person requires physical and mental support. This means that it is not only the transformation of his body but mainly of his mind to change his body. The motivation, effort, and dedication lead each person to overcome their fears and break the limits that prevent them from reaching their goals.

He asserts that sport is synonymous with well-being in all aspects. And this is one of the basic principles that he wishes to share with all the people who follow him on his path.

Based on these elements, Cassano carried out the implementation of his training system, called TRIVO. This new solution-focused methodology focuses on the needs of each person.

It mainly seeks to build a relationship between the trainer and the trained, based on trust, to subsequently achieve a mental balance that leads to remarkable physical results more practically and functionally.

To advance in this purpose is not a simple task, nevertheless, the motivation and determination are key in the mission that Cassano has destined to fulfill in each one of the people of his team.

Never Fall Apart

As in the professional field, the personal aspect is an important part of Cassano’s career. He assures that one of his biggest pillars is to keep his mind on the objectives and not to collapse morally.

The obstacles will always be there in any aspect. But to have the ability to overcome them and move forward is both challenging and satisfying. For this reason, this life coach emphasizes that it is necessary to maintain the concentration on what is possible. Only determination will lead you to obtain the results you are looking for.

Cassano points out that his greatest reward is to transmit strength, passion, and determination through his actions. He asserts that these aspects are inspiring especially when he accompanies and supports his team in undertaking the path to their well-being.

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