Life Coach Melissa Dawn Shows You to How to Find Your Inner Self

Some might think, just because we have the house, the cars, and the job, perhaps all of it surrounded by that white picket fence, that we truly have everything. But do we really have it all? Or maybe the more important question is: do we have happiness?

Enter Melissa Dawn, founder of CEO of Your Life. As documented on her website, Dawn is a renowned speaker, author, and coach certified by the International Coaches Federation as a Certified Co-Active Coach (CPCC,) a Professional Certified Coach (PCC,) and Certified Team Performance Coach (CTPC.) In layman terms, she is making it her mission and business to help others realize their full potential when it comes to leading with confidence, courage, and clarity. 

Dawn was not always the self-assured, life coach that she is today. As she explains in detail, “Like so many people, I spent years saying yes when I meant no, bending to the will of others and conforming to social norms, essentially giving pieces of myself away in both my personal and professional life. Overachieving, but unfulfilled in my career, agreeable in relationships, but desperately unhappy, and feeling disrespected because I wasn’t respecting myself.”

This is a key message that Dawn is spreading through her coaching and speaking abilities. It is about finding your inner self. As she uses as her own personal example, “I needed to make changes in my life, but not just externally anymore. I needed to take a brave step from with. It takes courage to look inside, but I did it.”

So, exactly how is Dawn teaching these simply expressed yet sometimes difficult to attain qualities to the masses? By developing workshops, programs, and keynotes that blend Western ideology, Eastern philosophy, and proven coaching strategies to bring unconventional and actionable wisdom through her coaching techniques. She is bringing her unapologetic, true self in front of others needing to hear her experiences. 

Dawn’s CEO of Your Life is aimed at revealing who you truly are versus who others told you to be. It is about taking off the mask you have been instructed to wear for so long and to break down the walls that have shaped you into what other have expected you to be. 

Aside from utilizing her website to offer speaking engagements, workshops, and group or one-on-one coaching, Dawn has found great success as a contributing writer for some of the largest online publications on the net. Her regular appearances on podcasts, radio, and television help to solidify that Melissa’s voice is being heard, loud, and clear. 

How about a bestselling book to strengthen her voice? Check. I attract What I am: Transform Failure Into an Orgasmically Joyful Life & Business is a story of how Melissa has been able to navigate the tumultuous waters of her life. After two divorces, being a single mother with primary custody of her then-four-year old son, and having to face overwhelming responsibilities of life, Dawn examines in her book how she was able to cling to the belief that anything is possible. 

What is next for a woman stopping at nothing to break the stigmas that have hindered so many from finding happiness and confidence? Maybe a second book and appearances on some of television’s largest daytime syndicated talk shows? We’ll just have to wait and see, but nothing is preventing Dawn from helping us attain real joy and true self-worth.  

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