Life-Sauce Founder Christy Wise is Innovating Online Relationship Coaching

An online company Life-Sauce provides tools, videos and tutorials to help individuals and couples with their relationships and intimacy.

It’s a company founded by Relationship Expert Dr. Christy Wise, who realized a need for online tools about five years ago, and is now innovating online relationship coaching.

“At the time I saw that there was a big demand for this new trend of online personal development,” she said.

“It didn’t take long for me to recognize it’s an effective way to work with people, and ultimately could have an incredibly positive impact on their lives.”

Dr. Wise started Life-Sauce soon after closing her clinical practice. She was a certified child custody evaluator, mediator and reunification therapist, and previously helped to evaluate families in child custody situations. 

She’s also an author and shared her personal journey in finding self-acceptance and empowerment in her book, “Breaking Free: From Stockholm to Shackles.” Through her book she serves as an example of resilience when provided nurturing and love.

It’s her passion to help others and her belief in the value of her work that has helped in her success in online relationship coaching

“I’m driven by my love for the human spirit and helping others build rich and full lives,” she said. 

She also feels that compassion has both helped her to guide others and is something that others can use in their own personal journey. 

“Compassion is what allows us to embrace our own imperfections,” she said. “It’s what helps us stop making these irrational demands on both ourselves and those around us.”

Dr. Wise provides some personal online relationship coaching although Life-Sauce is based in Southern California.  

On the website are many free online tools for those currently in relationships and for who are single. A free “5 Minute Guide to Getting Over a Breakup” is available online and can give some direction to those struggling with relationship changes.

“Every relationship change requires a process,” she said. “Working through that process and through these steps can leave you confident and in-control for future relationships.”

Another online tool is a relationship assessment quiz with a series of questions to evaluate feelings about connections and sexual intimacy. While not diagnostic, Dr. Wise said it can provide insight about personality traits and communication skills. 

She recognizes that technology plays a big part in today’s world with both current relationships and in starting new ones, but warns people of relying too heavily on them. 

“In my opinion, many people hide behind these apps and never really go the extra mile. Essentially for some people, dating apps end up hurting their in-person opportunities to find love,” Dr. Wise said.

Communicating online can be convenient and can serve as a way to connect in small ways throughout the day, and Dr. Wise believes it has helped people better articulate feelings and share needs when necessary. However she cautions that the balance between convenience and self-expression can’t and shouldn’t replace a true personal connection. 

“Laziness has taken over romance a bit which essentially robs everyone involved,” Dr. Wise said. “Partners need to give one another attention in person and particularly in a personal space. That’s something that is irreplaceable.” 

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