Lilly Iaschelcic Attends the Russian Film Week

The Russian Film Week committee hosted the UK premiere of Natalia Merkulova’s and Alexey Chupov’s mystical thriller “Captain Volkonogov Escaped” at the iconic Odeon Luxe Leicester Square on the night of 28th of November 2021. The Red-Carpet premiere was followed by the RFW Kaspersky Opening Party at the cool W Hotel.

The timings for the event were following

18.00-19.00 – Arrivals; photos and red carpet

19.00-21.15 – Opening Ceremony and Film Screening

21.15-00.00 – RFW Kaspersky Opening Party at the W Hotel (add on ticket required)

The Film

Captain Fedor Volkonogov is part of the law enforcement system. He is appreciated by the commander and respected by colleagues.

But the moment comes for Captain’s life to take the abrupt turn—he is criminally charged. Captain manages to escape before the arrest turning in a split of the second into prey hunted down by ex-colleagues.

At night Fedor receives the warning from the afterlife that he is destined for Hell and eternal torments. Though Captain still has a chance to change the destiny and be accepted to Heaven under the condition that he repents and at least one person grants him sincere forgiveness. Fedor sets on a mission to find absolution having no idea of the trials he is to face on this route.

The film premiered at the Venice Film Festival and a wide release date is yet to be determined.

The Cinema

The iconic Odeon Leicester Square has recently been refurbished into an 800-seat cinema theatre with luxury reclining seats, bars, and state-of-the-art sound and pictures.

The RFW Kaspersky Opening Party

The red-carpet premiere and screening was followed by the official opening party of the Russian Film Week at the W Hotel, offering extremely good service of food, drinks, and a lot of film discussions.

Lilly Iaschelcic  

The current era is all about competition. If you are brave enough to knock your opponent down with your talent, the world is yours! With constant development in this world, the expectations in the modeling industry are also evolving and increasing day by day. However, where many are fighting for a more varied fashion landscape, a lot of features remain similar for models such as their basic desires seem to continue and remain constant.

Lilly Iaschelcic is an agency model represented and contracted by Gap Models, located in London. Lilly was invited to the Russian Film Week as a celebrity guest.

Lilly Iaschelcic is also a fashion blogger, motivational speaker, and influencer who loves to inspire people. Last year she published her first book in Waterstones called “The vegan diet”. Lilly frequently holds conversations about charities, fashion, sustainability, beauty, and traveling, etc. Moreover, she always wears well-organized dresses with balanced colors and takes good care of her fashion and body.  In these photos she wears:


shoes: manolo blanik,

hansbag: Cristian dior,

coat: Philip Plain,

gloves: gucci

Follow Lilly Iaschelcic on Instagram: @lillyiaschelcic

Photo copyright: Kam Murali

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