Lisa Hilbert, Herbal Tea, and the Future of Beauty

Lisa Hilbert, Herbal Tea, and the Future of Beauty

For herbalist and naturopath tea expert, Lisa Hilbert, her brilliant idea which created a successful tea company was caused by struggle. In an interview with Vogue, she detailed that her struggles as a youth with asthma and eczema caused her to be interested in naturopathy.

That interest combined with her love of tea, and so Hilbert founded Tea Tonic in 1998. Tea Tonic was and is meant to be a company which helps people improve their health and beauty through herbs and plants which could cure ailments when brewed.

While some may be skeptical of such an idea, the reality is that Hilbert has built a successful company which is one of the largest tea businesses in Australia thanks to good business acumen and science. .

Science, Tea, and Beauty

Hilbert talks about how science has played a major role in her success in creating the right teas. She regularly reads scientific studies, and even refuses to throw away her old university textbooks.

And there is scientific grounding to believe in the power of herbal teas. As noted above, tea is fundamentally just combining different kind of herbs and leaves and boiling them in water. When one considers how we have used herbs as medications for thousands of years up to today, it makes sense that the right teas could help our inner health and beauty. And it is possible to learn these things like how one can learn about Botox and Juvederm training.

One can research different kinds of teas to see what positive health effects can result. For example, chamomile tea is famous for improving one’s sleep, while ginger tea can help improve chronic indigestion and joint pain. But what Hilbert wants people to understand above all else is that what she offers is real and helpful. The right herbal tea can be just as useful for improving one’s health as any other natural treatment out there.

The Right Business Approach

But a good idea and sound science will not create a thriving business by themselves. Hilbert has managed to get to where she is as a female entrepreneur with a relentless commitment to quality and listening to customers.

In an earlier interview she conducted with My Business, she noted that she did several things to show that commitment which helped separate it from its competitors. For example, Hilbert packed Tea Tonic in tea in paper envelopes without staples and maintains that she is incredibly careful to make the right blend of teas.

A less scrupulous businesswoman might try to pump a wide variety of teas, but Hilbert knows that the better long-term strategy is to make a limited number which are of better quality.

Tea Tonic still faces challenges such as logistics and higher prices for its ingredients, and challenges like the pandemic as well as climate change could make these challenges even more difficult. But Hilbert has managed to grow Tea Tonic past these challenges and showed the world the benefits of herbal tea. There is little reason to think that she cannot power through these additional difficulties.

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