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Looking at American Entrepreneur Mobeen Mian – Organizational Leadership

LOS ANGELES, CA / July 2021 / Notable /Mobeen Mian is an analytics ambassador, investor, and graduate student who currently runs the multimedia news brand, #Focuseddd.

Mian founded and currently runs an international multimedia firm, #Focuseddd, that focuses on branding, and producing startup projects for artists, entrepreneurs, and small businesses while capturing motivating stories and interviews on them through social media marketing, photography, videography, and customized clothing for small and large businesses. He is a graduate with a Business Administration degree from the University of North Texas and has obtained his Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership in 2021. 

The media production company is now an established LLC that focuses on capturing uplifting and inspirational content in a person’s life that can be used to promote and spread positive messages. Partnering with known organizations such as Metrocrest Services, K Alyse Impact LLC, Mission Fit Fitness, Modest Muse, and even within public schools in low-income areas, and nonprofits have been the basis of making a difference within the community for the brand.

While being recognized in capturing stories, producing content for notable professional athletes and artists across different parts of the world, the brand keeps its validity in countries such as the United Kingdom, Portugal, United States, and even the Middle East.

Being a buzz in his own city of Dallas, just to start, Mobeen Mian ends the interview by mentioning his upcoming endeavors with his collaborations. Explaining that his passion to work with nonprofits, youth, small businesses, and more educated entrepreneurs, while capturing their story, only increases his knowledge to be able to learn from others.

He said he had to work hard to be here where he is currently at, and that learning and collaborating with others have helped him the most.  “I realized that the best way to get better in anything is to learn more about it. Learn as much as you can, and on top of that, continue to motivate each other, and keeping the right circle around you will be most helpful.”

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