Lorraine Osorio: Cavalier Personality and Gestures Art and the Community

Lorraine Osorio is an educative person, when she’s not helping a client in the chair, she travels to enlighten the other stylists to grasp various methods and techniques. Gibs Grooming, a men’s product line, and Lisap color line based in Italy, is mentored by her currently as an educator.

She has put major contributions in the International Beauty Show in New York and has been presented at The Orlando Primer Beauty Show 2015 as a platform educator and mentoring on stage in Organ for Cosmoprof Beauty. Osorio indulges in charity work, where she provides haricuts to people with disabilities for a month.

She holds future plans to serve with an organization to help homeless men recieve a haricut for interviews and personal care. Osorio holds a softer side for family, she spends the remaining of her time with her family when she’s not helping or working.
Now being 33-year-old, the stylist introduced her own salon, MLJ Artistry Salon, in February 2016. She puts emphasis on the name MLJ Artistry Salon, as the art of hairstyling and doing wonders to the clients hair.

She has excelled from working by herself in her shop to establishing a full salon with various services from fashion coloring, nails and make up. She welcomes the neighbourhood with a serene and healthy family environment, where it’s a one stop for children, adults, women.

Lorraine Osorio, Latina roots from El Salvidor, brought up by a single mother, was introduced to hard work, endeavour and was taught perserverance and to be resillient, at an early age. Despite of her mother working in the cosmetology field, her mother wasn’t in her support to work at the shop as her mother taught of her to be unsatisfactory towards the established clients.

Her mothers shop and the sheer respect people have for the people serving in the industry is what rose to Osorio’s emerging interest towards hair cutting. An incident, in which her car broke down, she ended up near a barbershop and her conversation with the owner landed to become her first barber experience. She started cutting hair at a young age of 16 and went back to her mom’s shop to work.

She holds ambitious goals for herself to establish a career as a hair-stylist in the movie industry, around the world. She looks forward to expand her business supporting a product line, putting together a school and possibly air a haircutting show. She has innovative ideas on forming a networking commune where people from different fields can provide opportunites to one another to serve for the welfare.

A fun face about Lorraine Osorio is; Osorio was present to ask the former President, Barack Obama and Governor, Mitt Romney a question during their debate in 2012, which comprised of the immigration status of the working sector. It rose to her television appearance which was backed by the sparking interest of the television network, Univision.

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