Growing & Building a Profitable Online Business with Los Silva


Learning from top minds in the world of entrepreneurship is what we like to do here at Influencive and we decided to sit down with a dear friend of ours who has been crushing the business world for close to two decades now. He goes by the name Los Silva, and he’s someone you are going to be grateful we put on your radar.

Los started in the internet marketing world selling products to consumers in a wide range of niches and to date has found a new home partnering with top fitness influencers and professional athletes helping them scale their brands online where he has success stories hitting the 7 & 8 figure revenue spectrum on multiple occasions.

Los started from humble beginnings where he started his first business when he was 14 selling stuff on eBay and then failed and hit rock bottom when he was 25 selling supplements. He’s been through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship but credits his determination and hustle for where he finds himself today.

We asked Los his three most important tactics for people building an online business today and he shared them with us below.

Find What Your Strengths Are

To be successful in any business you need to know what your strengths and weaknesses are as a leader. Los is an outgoing extroverted guy that has always thrived on building relationships doing business development with people and really moving the needle forward.

He’s not a designer so in all of his projects and businesses you won’t find him designing anything because he knows his time is best spent doing other tasks. More important tasks to push the business forward with his bigger picture skill set.

You need to know which tasks to delegate and which ones to focus on. Double down on what you are good at and find other people that can complement your weaknesses. This can be achieved through partnerships, freelancers, or contractors.

Create Content

Los is constantly creating content every day on his Instagram page tossing out amazing insights and strategies for anyone to implement right away. It’s just a part of an everyday habit to create content.

It’s 2019 and to be an entrepreneur that is not creating content is insanity. All your customers and prospects have their phones in their pockets so if you aren’t creating content for them to find you or your business how do you think they will find your business?

The days of walking into brick and mortar businesses are dying when we can buy almost anything from companies like Amazon and have it delivered to our houses on the same day or next day. We don’t cold call people anymore either, we build relationships with people often online before we buy anything since we have access to a vast amount of data.

If you are not constantly creating content you are making it extremely hard for your prospects to find you. Start small and pick a social platform or two and dedicate yourself to them and strive to be consistent there doubling down on what’s working vs trying to be everywhere at once.

Be Willing to Endure Pain for Profit

So many of us want everything that our favorite celebrities or business personalities have and we want it right away. But the problem exists when you are not willing to invest in your business or yourself and endure some pain. Pain that could at times last months and years.

When you look to hire a coach or consultant it is to speed up a process or an end result. It’s not a magic formula for your business to somehow reach success. Nor is it the job of the coach or the consultant to do all the work for you. That is up to you so never forget that.

“The dedication, suffering, and pain is a reflection of your success or failure.” – Los Silva

When diving deep with Los he has a bigger mission in life than just building successful businesses and making money. It has nothing to do with the money at all actually, its more about setting goals and crushing those goals. When you achieve your goals, money is often a product of that in business.

Always Set Goals For Your Business

His last piece of advice for entrepreneurs out there is to set goals, write them down and work to do whatever you can to achieve those goals. When you do this, success will be inevitable and everything that comes with it.

Dedicate yourself to having that fire and determination that Los has had his entire career that has spanned two decades. Don’t give up when the cards are stacked against you, instead work tirelessly until you find a way to make it happen. It might not be the business you are building right now that will be your success story but if you never give up, success is inevitable.

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