Lourissa Setu: How Entrepreneurs Can Grow a 6 Figure Money Mindset with More Ease

Being wealthy and rich isn’t about the amount of money you have in the bank. Real wealth is about the mindset – if you think you can win, you can win.

The successful and thriving entrepreneurs of today understand the importance of growing their money mindset and improving their relationship with money if they wish to experience true abundance in their lives, physically, financially, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

Through embracing her own unique message fully, quirks and all, Lourissa Setu has been able to grow her business as an affiliate marketer, mentor and coach to 6-figures. She shares that her secret in doing so, in such a short amount of time is not only by attracting those who align with her and the unique message she shares with the world, but also improving her relationship with money.

Being in business means you are in a relationship with money

“You cannot expect to be earning 30k+ months believing you can put the bare minimum to get there. It’s like a relationship – if someone was putting in the bare minimum you wouldn’t want to date them.”

Our thoughts around money play an important part, as it determines our overall relationship with money. Entrepreneurs need money in order to grow our businesses and circulate it to scale further to success.

Face your shadows head on

Entrepreneurship is by no means a linear path. We have our good times, our wins, but we also must face struggle and hardship on the way to creating our lasting legacies. As a result, entrepreneurship brings up a lot of our shadows, in a way that forces us to face with and deal with the parts of us that we usually tend to avoid or ignore.

Lourissa shares “be prepared to come face to face with a lot of things that will bring up a lot of emotions and require you to take full responsibility. You will learn so much from this and also grow so much. The more you grow, your business will have the capacity to do so too.”

Entrepreneurs need to understand this in order to take their businesses and lives to the next level. What we may perceive as negativity or set backs, it’s important to know these will inevitably arise and we must learn how to best navigate our way through them.

Your inner world is a reflection of your outer

By transforming our inner world (such as our thoughts and beliefs), we start to witness our outer world changing to reflect that. This is how entrepreneurs are able to create 6 figure mindsets while understanding they are worthy enough of receiving money in large sums.

“If you do not feel worthy enough of what you are wanting to create in your journey (e.g sales and high income) it will be hard to bring that into your reality. One big part of this is your internal dialogue and your everyday thoughts because these will play a big part in your beliefs and the belief you have in yourself.” Lourissa shares.

One of Lourissa’s favorite analogies is one of the battery. For a batter to power up, it needs a negative charge and a positive charge. It won’t work if it only has positive and it won’t work if it only has a negative charge. Therefore it’s important we embrace all parts of our shadows and fears front on, and transform our inner and outer worlds in the process.

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