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Lynette Marie

A business coach is someone who can guide and assist a business owner with running their company by helping determine the vision and how it ties in with personal goals. While many of these professionals coach multiple industries, most lack formal training in the same industries in which they coach. However, for professionals like Lynette Marie, this is not true.

First A Fitness Coach

Lynette’s journey began as an in-person trainer at Anytime Fitness in 2014. She loved the work but realized she wasn’t earning much money with the job, so she also began to compete in bikini contests to help build up her social media following. While it may have started for fun, this is ultimately what helped her begin to build a brand. 

It didn’t take Lynette long, a year to be more specific, to realize that she loved training at a gym and began to wonder if she could coach others online. Sure, this is not a new concept today, but back in 2015, it was very new when she began. 

Lynette decided that simply thinking about this was not going to make it happen, so she went for it. Within the first month, she earned between four and five thousand dollars, and it stayed this way until 2018 when the industry began to get more competitive. She felt like her techniques were no longer working and hired her own business coach. 

Help From a Business Coach

At one time, Lynette Marie was very skeptical of business coaches because she felt they were a scam of sorts, and there was no need in her life for one. That is until she hired a business coach! 

The coach helped scale her business from about $5,000 per month up to $20,000 per month in just 45-days! Through the coaching, she learned new strategies, increased her ratings, and positioned herself differently. 

Lynette used this new-found information to continue growing her business. Throughout the next year, she would see her earnings keep rising and doubling. 

A Shift in Focus

By 2019, Lynette Marie had succeeded in her original mission of becoming an online fitness coach while also spending a great deal of time listening to what others thought about the industry. In fact, many other fitness coaches would complain that consumers don’t want their services, the industry is too crowded, and so on. However, she didn’t agree and decided to shift the focus from fitness coaching to business coaching. 

So, for the last two years, business coaching has been a part of her company but recently has become her main focus. Lynette has a passion for helping other fitness coaches succeed in the online world while making real money. She loves helping them build a business that will eventually allow them to quit their day job and become a six-figure business owner just like her!

What Value Can Lynette Marie Bring As A Business Coach?

Well, for starters, going from someone who doesn’t trust business coaches to someone who is one is a big jump! So, if anyone can explain the value which comes from these professionals, it’s Lynette! 

She uses her seven-plus-year career as an online fitness coach to successfully coach fitness coaches on how to market and grow their businesses properly. Lynette uses her complete understanding of social media and the online fitness industry in general to teach her customers the right way to use their platform and make it work for them!

So, where some coaches get their start in marketing or social media management, she gained hers as a fitness coach. Everything she advises her clients to do is the same things she’s done in the past to build a brand that’s worth over six figures. There is no lack of experience within the fitness industry for Lynette because it’s been her life for the past seven years. 

The bottom line is if you are a fitness coach looking to expand your business, then look no further than Lynette Marie. She possesses all the knowledge and experience needed to help others succeed, just as she did. 

For more information and valuable tips, join the discussion in Lynette’s Facebook group. And remember, it’s about working smarter, not harder!

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