Lyric Enterprise is Helping Influencers and Musicians Level up on Social Media

We live in a time where being an influencer or independent artist is becoming a more common job title. While being your own boss is a perk, numerous creators struggle to bring in stable income from performing freelance work. Lyric Enterprise is a marketing company that utilizes online publications and social media growth to help creators generate increased leads and opportunities. This leads to not just steady but increased revenues.

Founded by musician and social media strategist Myles Kofi Fynn-Aggrey, aka Blackkingkofi, Lyric Enterprise has worked with over 1000 individuals. Their client list includes many VIPs and even celebrities. Social media verification and Instagram account management are the agencies “go to” services for most clients. Lyric Enterprise has severalnew projects to be announced later this year as they have expanded into website and logo design.

Lyric clients who invest in their brandshave been featured in major online publications. This is an effective strategy to build credibility around their brand and/or business. The agency also offers targeted and personalized social media marketing plans. By utilizing this area of digital PR, clients secure a larger online footprint. Positive media coverage in online publications contributes to a stronger presence on social media which brings in more business. This, in turn, can lead to a noticeable boost in business.

If you are an artist, influencer, or creator, Lyric Enterprise can help elevate your career to new heights. Rather than spending your time getting noticed, these gurus can take care of visibility leaving its clients more time to focus on content. To learn more about this remarkable agency, check them out online or on Instagram.

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