Maher Asaad Baker, The Dreamer

They say: don’t dream too much, or else you’ll wake up to face the ugly truth that you won’t be able to achieve all your dreams. Maher never, for one time, believed in that. He kept dreaming and continually made his dreams come true. Although it wasn’t an easy task, life is not always nice for everyone, but that did not stop him from pursuing his path and achieving his dreams one by one.

“Failure may be an estimated option, but it will never be permanent”

Maher grew up in a very closed environment, therefore, since his childhood, he has always tried to find solutions and create alternatives. His passion for the arts, especially painting and music, was the way he chose to occupy his time.

At the age of 16, he had already written and composed a few songs for local young singers, at the age of 19 he had to go on in another path to make a living and became a web developer, although he had to top composing music, he didn’t consider that to be a failure but a delayed project that to be continued later.

Keep dreaming and have patience and hope

In the year 2017, Maher received a special gift from his family on his birthday, it was a new guitar, it was the most beautiful thing that happened to him after the heart attack he went through, this gift prompted him to extract one of the postponed projects, which is music, since that time Maher returned to produce music again.

It took him some time, but that did not mean that he gave up on his dreams, the music that Maher presents today is published on all the famous audio platforms, and for him, it represents one of the important stages in his life.

Although finally his dream come true, he says that life is not one dream, it’s not about achieving your dream, it’s about to keep dreaming and keep achieving your dreams, this is what life is all about, maybe you’ll fall down, maybe life treats you bad, but that is never enough to break you down.

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