Making America’s Grit Again: Queen Cacique

This year has led a vast majority of Americans to realize there are changes that need to be made. Social injustices and global warming are topics which are being discussed more prominently nowadays. Many individuals with political inclinations are looking to open their own paths to create change that will benefit everyone in the long run.

As more public figures emerge, Queen Cacique has made a name for herself. Her motto is “Making America’s Grit Again” with a great desire to avoid and put an end to any violent acts. She found her passion for social justice and politics as she realized the multiple effects of a new social standard, particularly spread through the digital platforms. Thus, presenting herself as an edgy, happy, and unafraid woman, trying to make the world a stronger place.

In the last few years–especially after hurricane Maria–Queen Cacique has overcome many obstacles. She has faced every challenge with grace and humor, so she has given herself the comical title of “Ruler of the World.” Based on her own experiences, she believes she can help the planet.

As a Puerto Rican, she has seen the effects of poverty and has put her passion and dedication into work to change this. Cacique believes one of the advantages of poverty is the sense of community: “Puerto Ricans have always functioned better as a community, which is where the sense of responsibility to their people comes from.” Her own sense of responsibility has pushed her to fight for a community, to change the old ways of complacency.

This love and respect for the community encourages Queen Cacique to lead by example. While her professional experience working for CNN Español and CNN International have given her the experience and the tools to connect with people in different industries. Her goal is to alter certain policies and unite the people to manifest the country they decide to dream. In the end, she wants this country–this world–to be a new place of freedom, liberty, harmony, and for everyone to have the right to non-violent expression.

In order to connect with the community, with the people who can give her their support, she will host an event during October 10th and 11th in her finca. Cacique believes by having conversations with those who are working every day and who are tired of the current social injustices, she will be able to get a better understanding of how to give the people what they want and need. That is why she believes in an open line of communication between herself and the voters.

Society has been raising their voices to speak up on subjects that matter, that need to be changed. Younger individuals with great interest for politics and a passion for change are creating their own paths towards a better world. Queen Cacique is one of them. Her desire to change the planet and establish a freer community has led her to speak up when many have not. It is open-minded people like her who will ultimately lead the country into a more accepting environment.

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