Making Headway Towards Accomplishment With Confidence By Chirag Alawadhi

They say that the key to triumph is to focus on goals instead of obstacles and Chirag Alawadhi knows this better than any other person. Hailing from Hisar, Haryana, Chirag has managed to go the extra mile and become a renowned Digital Marketer. After completing his schooling from Mother India Government School in Haryana, he decided to complete his graduation from Govt. Polytechnic College, Hisar. 

Starting his entrepreneurial career in his early twenties, Chirag Alawadhi buckled down to become a successful entrepreneur. Chirag firmly believes that a person’s confidence can take him a long way. He started building his confidence in his early days by delivering the contents of some successful campaigns. They say that victory doesn’t come without swedge and Chirag is a living example of it. Chirag didn’t earn any money during the initial days of his Digital Marketing Career. Making content during his early days was arduous since all he had was a phone of 3,500. Still, he kept striving hard for every campaign because that provided him with a great experience. To climb up the ladder of success, Chirag started learning from every possible way. Everything started to work in his favor when people started knowing him for his hard work and dedication. 

Chirag Alawadhi is known as a person who likes to stay ahead of the game and that can be seen in his work. To gain more experience, he worked with WittyFeed, Steelbird, and Marketing Moves. Chirag’s social media strategies were the reason for the success of these projects. He pulled out all the stops to make achieve his goals. Today he is the founder of Marketing Moves, Esports Minute, and It is safer to say that he has come a long way and he has strived hard to achieve everything he has today. 

When Chirag Alawadhi was asked about success, he said “ With time, I have build up my confidence and failure will never overtake my confidence. Hence I keep taking risks fearlessly.” Today his annual income is of 60,00,000 and he is one of the most successful Social Media Influencer. He plans to work hard on his Entrepreneurial Skills and become the most successful Entrepreneur. Chirag Alawadhi continues to make headway to become a renowned Entrepreneur and we can say that his dedication will be the reason for his accomplishment. 

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