Manifestation Coach Shadi Amiri: How to Put Your Life on a Healthier Path

It would be nice if life always went according to plan, but we all know that doesn’t happen if we are not energetically aligned. Spiritual/Magical Life Transformation Coach Shadi Amiri has learned this the hard way herself. “Not so long ago, I was surrounded by problems,” she recalls. “Name an area of my life, and there was bound to be some kind of issue. Whether it was my finances, relationships, career, health, or the loss of my only brother to sudden death, I was knee-deep in mud and going nowhere.” 

The Founder of Happy Life Coaching & Consulting says, however, that this wasn’t the end of her story. “Through manifestation by following the right path of energy alignments, I was able to rid myself of that junk and give myself the life I had always wanted. It took a little time which was almost less than a year, but I have left behind everything that was holding me back and am enjoying days of contentment.” 

Now, as Shadi prepares to launch her “DIY Your Happy Life Online Workshop” on July 2, 2022, currently on pre-sale promotion for half price, she has some suggestions for people who may believe their lives are too messed up to change. 

“It’s important to remember that change starts in your mind,” she believes. “You cannot do anything without first having the thought. For example, no one applies to college without first thinking that they want to get their degree. The thought of having a diploma leads them to take action and apply. So, if you believe your life can never change, then you will not take action to have better for yourself.”

She says that to improve her own life, the first step she had to take was to truly believe that it could, in fact, get better. “That cleared my path for me to take a step forward. My belief got stronger when I realized that those happy and successful people are human just like me, so if they could do it, I believed I could, too. And now here is a piece of advice for you: if I as well as countless other people could do it, you can, too.” 

Second, it is crucial that you surround yourself with people who support your goals. “Look, even at my lowest point, I still had dreams,” Shadi said. “I wasn’t crazy about being in debt, having toxic relationships, suffering for the fact that I can never see the smile of my only brother again, or having no career, of course. I dreamed of having better, but the people around me were holding me back. They didn’t believe in themselves, so they didn’t want me to succeed.

Once I started my manifestation, the universe set a route for me to end the relationships with these individuals so that I could step forward and seek a better life for myself. When this massive tornado-like change happened in my life, that’s when I started seeing momentum and even met people who were emotionally healthier and guided me along my journey.” 

Shadi recommends that you keep believing in your own ability, trust the capability of the higher power which is available to all of us, and never give up no matter what obstacles you face. “When we start a journey towards success, the hardest part could be when we see successful people who are already living our dream life.

We envy them, and it can make us feel deflated because we feel ourselves far from getting to where we want to be. But, if we use their success stories wisely, we can see how possible it is for us to become successful because at the end of the day, we are all human – if one human could get there, you can 100% do the same.” 

What you must remember, however, is that you might not be aware of the long path that person took to get there. “All we see – and compare ourselves to – is the successful version of those people,” says Shadi. “We forget that success is a process and does not happen instantly.” 

Success, however you may define it, is simply the result of one step after the other. “When we take the first step, we often face a wall in front of us. It can seem insurmountable, right? If we don’t trust in the process of the universe, which will support us, and if we don’t realize the fact that the wall in front of us is the bottom of the step to our next level, we can easily lose motivation, trust and interest. The success we were destined to attain slips through our fingers.” 

Shadi reveals that what has helped her the most throughout her journey has been her ability to stay in the present moment and to fill herself with the energies of God and the universe. She still has complete and 100% trust in the support that is always guaranteed for her from the universe and God. 

“I always try to feel myself living my present moment life. I try to feel my feet, my hands, my eyes, and my being,” she explains. “I try to hear what is going on around me in this present moment. For example, if I am writing, I feel my fingers touching the keyboard as I type, and I try to hear the sound of my typing even as I hear the sound of the birds in the background. This brings me into this present moment and out of the what-ifs from the past and panics about the future. It brings me a lot of peace.”

Shadi strongly recommends that you remain thankful for what you do have even if your dream life hasn’t manifested itself yet. “I feel grateful that I can see, hear, and live on this planet. Remembering that I have so much in the midst of such a beautiful world has helped me become more connected to the power of the universe. Thankfulness has given me the ability to be the manifestation magnet that I am today.”

Spiritual/Magical Life Transformation Coach Shadi Amiri is helping thousands to manifest the life of their dreams. For more information about Shadi and her “DIY Your Happy Life Online Workshop” and upcoming book, DIY Your Happy Life, please visit

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